Relay Phone Numbers

  • Updated

If you've placed a call through our mobile app and noticed a different number coming up than the one you called, don't worry—it's supposed to do that. 

We call that a relay or shadow number and its purpose is to route calls through Dialpad to display your Dialpad caller ID over your mobile phone. We'll assign a relay number to each of your contacts and use the same one every time you place a call.  

Here are just a few benefits to using relay numbers:

  1. Calls made from your forwarding device use your Dialpad caller ID rather than your device's personal number.

  2. Even when you don't have data coverage, your calls will display your Dialpad number.

  3. For international calls, because the relay number is an in-country number you'll only be charged a domestic call by your mobile carrier while the international leg of the call will be charged by Dialpad at our low rates.