Shared Company Contacts

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Have contacts you'd like to share across your Company? Simply upload a CSV file of your existing contacts to Dialpad and your contacts will be available for everyone within your company.

Let's dive into how this works.

Formatting your CSV

To make life easier, we have a template you can download from your Company Admin settings. 


Upload contacts 

To upload your shared company contacts, navigate to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Select 'My Company' from the drop-down menu at the top left
  2. Navigate to 'Shared Contacts'
  3. Select 'Upload CSV'


CSV Requirements

Ensure your contacts are uploaded as accurately and efficiently as possible, by reviewing the below CSV requirements. 

Mandatory fields

Either First Name or Last Name is required:

  • First_Name
  • Last_Name


Fields are not case-sensitive. 

Optional fields

Have additional details you'd like to add? No problem. Dialpad will upload and enter the following optional fields. 

  • email
  • phones*
  • extension
  • company** 
  • role
  • urls
  • country***


*If you're adding more than 1 phone #, just separate them with a |. Ex: 7777777777|5555555555.

We won't be able to accept #s formatted with periods ex: 777.777.7777. Unformatted numbers (4152222222) work the best.

** Country codes are only required for numbers outside the US

***International numbers require the country code and abbreviation. US numbers do not need a country abbreviation. 

Interacting with Shared Contacts

Once the upload is complete, your shared contacts will be searchable by every user within your Company. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Shared contacts that interact with Departments will display a colored tag and will create a Department contact
  • Communication history (calls & messages) with shared contacts that interact with a Department will be searchable/viewable by Operators
  • Updates to shared contacts affect every instance of the shared contact in Dialpad (including their listings in your Department)
  • Shared contacts are editable by every user in your Company

Updating Shared Contact Info

Edit any of the following fields from within the Dialpad App, and we will update the contact's profile wherever it appears:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email
  • Company Role
  • URLs

Shared contacts can be deleted, however, it will only delete the user’s specific communication history, text content, etc. The shared contact will still be searchable after deletion.

*Be aware that shared contacts don't sync back to G Suite or Office 365.

Searching Shared Contacts

Currently shared contacts can only be searched by the following:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone Number


Is there a size limit for my CSV file?

Yes, you can upload up to 500 contacts per CSV file.

If you are uploading multiple large files, we recommend waiting 5 minutes between each upload to allow sufficient time for the database to register your data (this helps prevents duplicate contacts creation).

Why don't I see my contacts right away?

Once your new shared contacts have been uploaded to your account, these contacts will not show up in your Directory contacts, you will have to search for them.