Post-Call Wrap-Up Time

Let's take a look at post-call wrap-up time in Dialpad.

Enable Post-Call Wrap-Up Time

Before you can use the post-call wrap-up time feature, it must be enabled by the Company Admin.

From, navigate to your Admin Settings.

  1. Select Call Centers
  2. Select the desired Call Center
  3. Click Advanced Settings
  4. Click Agent Settings
  5. Select Include a Post-Call Wrap-Up Time Before Agents Can Receive Their Next Call
  6. Select then the desired amount of time between calls


Agents will then see a banner at the top of the Dialpad app after every successful call. Either the timer will run out and make Agent available again, or the Agent can select End Wrap-Up Time manually.in_wrap_up.png

Wrap up time options

When to use post-call wrap up time

Post-call wrap-up time applies to both inbound and outbound calls, while Agents are available. If an Agent is off duty, they will not receive an inbound call regardless and post-call wrap-up time will not activate for an outbound call.

If an agent makes an outbound call using the Call Center DID while in Wrap-up, it will end the wrap-up timer regardless of where it is in the count down. If an agent uses their direct line to make an outbound call, the wrap-up timer will continue and the agent will get the full wrap-up time applied in the Call Center settings.


Be sure to review this Help Center article to learn more about working as a Call Center Agent.

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