Block a Number

Receiving unwelcome calls and/or messages? With call blocking, you can take back control of who contacts your line (includes fax numbers too). 

Keep in mind that you can only block personal contacts, i.e. contacts not associated with your Company account.

To block a number:

  1. Navigate to the Conversation Thread>Profile>Edit
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and select Block Contact


You'll be presented with two options: block and allow voicemails or block all communications

Block & Allow Voicemails

  • Your caller will be sent directly to your voicemail
  • The call will be displayed in your call log
  • The caller moves to the top of your Recent list
  • If a voicemail is left, you'll receive a notification
  • The contact will have the words Straight to Voicemail displayed beneath their name

Block All Communications

  • Your caller will automatically receive a text to speech message: "Sorry, this number is not in service...Goodbye."
  • No notifications are triggered
  • The call is not displayed in your call log
  • The contact will have the word Blocked displayed beneath their name

Need to unblock a contact? Navigate to back to the edit profile screen and select Unblock Contact.

Dialpad Tip: Blocking applies to both calls and messages, so a message sent from a blocked contact/number won't display on your end.

Have more questions about call blocking? Check out our FAQ.