International Services
    • 22 Feb 2024
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    International Services

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    Before your team can start placing international calls or sending international messages, admins will need to enable international services on their account, as well as add credits. 

    Be sure to check out our international calling rates.

    Let's take a look at how to enable international services on your Dialpad account.

    Who can use this feature
    International services are available on all Dialpad plans.

    Enable international services for office

    Company and office admins can limit which team members have international services access.

    To enable international services for the office, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Billing
    2. Select Credits
    3. Slide the toggle beside International Calling

    Enable international calling for specific users

    To enable international calling for specific users, head to your Admin Settings.

    1. Navigate to Office
    2. Select Users
    3. Select Options beside the desired user
    4. Select Enable international services 

    Confirm credit card

    Some accounts may need to confirm the credit card before credits can be added. We do this as an added security step to mitigate fraudulent charges on your account.

    We'll post a small charge on your credit card and ask you to confirm the amount. 

    Once verified, you'll be able to add more credits whenever you need, or set up automatic recharges. 

    International call credits

    To place international calls, you'll need to ensure you have sufficient call credits.

    To view and make changes to your international service preferences, navigate to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Billing
    2. Select Credits

    Here, you can see your credit usage and current balance.

    You're also able to add more credits, or even enable or disable international services completely. 

    Add credits

    To add credits to your office, head to your Admin Settings from

    1. Navigate to Billing 
    2. Select Credits 
    3. Select Add Credits
    4. Choose the desired amount
      • Select an automatic refill if desired
      • Select Next
    5. Review the cost, then select Add to confirm

    Your office's credit balance will be charged anytime team members:

    • Place any outbound international calls
    • Receive any inbound calls to toll-free lines associated with your office

    Use automatic recharge to have Dialpad automatically add credits when your account dips below $5.

    Accounts paying with a credit card will see credit balance charges immediately, while invoiced accounts will be assessed the credit amount on their next invoice date.

    Check your credit usage

    Easily see which lines are using call credits.

    Administrators can access call credit data from their Admin Settings at

    1. Navigate to Billing
    2. Select Credits
    3. Filter the desired dates and users

    Here, you'll see a monthly breakdown of:

    • Number of toll-free calls 
    • Number of international calls
    • Number of international messages
    • Date/Time of calls
    • Team member/Department that placed or received the call
    • The phone number that was used
    • Call duration
    • Cost 

    Export credit usage

    Export your credit usage data to monitor your line activity. 

    Administrators can access call credit data from their Admin Settings at

    1. Navigate to navigate to Billing
    2. Select Credits
    3. Filter the desired dates and lines
    4. Select Export Credit Usage (.csv)

    You'll receive an email shortly after, with a link to download your data.

    Have more questions about international services? Take a look at our FAQ page.

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