France Number Porting Guide
    • 14 Aug 2023
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    France Number Porting Guide

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    Article Summary

    This guide provides information on how to port a number from France. Dialpad supports the porting of geographic and toll-free numbers. To complete the port request, certain documents are required, including a Letter of Authorization (LOA), the latest invoice from the current carrier, proof of address, and a copy of ID or French Business Registration Document. The standard lead time for port requests is 12 business days for geographic numbers and 20 business days for toll-free numbers. The LOA must be signed by the person with administrative rights on the current carrier account, and a SIRET code is mandatory for toll-free numbers. Possible reasons for port rejection include incorrect end user name, service address, or association with another range of numbers. A porting checklist is provided, and there is a one-time porting fee for France. For more information, readers are directed to additional resources on the porting process.

    Need to port a number from France? This guide will walk you through the process.

    Supported Number Types

    Dialpad can port the following French number (FR +33) types:

    • Geographic Number 
    • Toll-Free Number 

    Required Documents

    In order to complete your port request, Dialpad requires the following documents. 

    • LOA
    • Latest Invoice from current carrier
    • Proof of address relevant to the geographical location of the numbers being ported
    • Copy of the ID -OR- French Business Registration (KBIS extract that is no older than 3 months)

    Document List 

    Click the links below to obtain the LOA for your port request.

    How Long Will It Take?

    The standard lead time (SLT) for a port request is:

    • 12 business days for geographic numbers
    • 20 business days for toll-free numbers
    Additional time is added if there is a rejection for missing/incorrect information.

    Porting Requirements

    • The full list of phone numbers you want to port including the country code
    • The LOA must be signed by the person who has administrative rights on the account with the current carrier.
    • SIRET code is mandatory (14 digit number)
    • Toll-free only requirement: Additional document "National format change request" is required for numbers from ranges: 33 800 90 XXXX, 33 800 91 XXXX and 33 800 99 XXXX.

    Possible Port Rejection Reasons

    While we do our best to prevent it, it does sometimes happen that a port request is rejected. The most common rejection reasons are noted below. As you can see, details matter and this is why we ask you to triple-check all the information you provided before submitting your port request. 

    • Incorrect end user name
    • Incorrect service address
    • Requested number is associated with another range of numbers (that are not porting)
    • Number is not active

    Porting Checklist

    • LOA is filled out, dated, and signed
    • Latest invoice from current carrier
    • All numbers are active with your current carrier
    • All numbers in your account are porting over or you’ve disassociated them from the other numbers in your account with your current provider
    • You’ve provided a desired port date in compliance with the SLT (*Dialpad will do its best to meet this date but there is no guarantee.) If no date is provided we will port the numbers ASAP.


    We charge a one-time porting fee for France. For more information please reach out to [email protected]

    More information

    Be sure to read our Porting FAQs for more information on the porting process. 

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