Use the Dialpad Web App
    • 12 Mar 2024
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    Use the Dialpad Web App

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    Dialpad offers a web app that allows users to make calls and send messages through Google Chrome. By entering and logging in, users can access their inbox, contacts, and other features. The Dialpad Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the benefits of web and desktop apps for a faster and more reliable experience. Users can download the PWA from the Chrome Toolbar and install it to receive and make calls. Chrome notifications alert users of incoming messages or calls even when they are not on the Dialpad web app browser tab. To enable these notifications, users need to allow Chrome to display Dialpad's notifications in the site settings.

    Dialpad web app is available through Google's Chrome browser. This allows you to place calls and send messages via Dialpad through a single web browser tab (no desktop app required!)

    Dialpad's web app is just another easy way our Users can access the platform from any device.

    Let's take a look at how the Web App works. 

    Who can use this feature
    The Dialpad web app is available to all users on a desktop or laptop.

    Open the web app

    To use the web app in Chrome, enter and log in using your account credentials.

    The standard menu automatically launches, displaying your inbox, contacts, and other fields normally found while using the desktop app.

    You can immediately start making calls or sending messages in the Dialpad web app.

    Dialpad Progressive Web App 

    Progressive web apps are used to create a faster and more reliable web experience. 

    The Dialpad Progressive web app was developed to allow you to advantage of both web and desktop app features.

    Download the Dialpad PWA from 

    1. Select the Download App icon from your Chrome Toolbar 
    2. Click Install 

    The newly installed PWA will launch the default view of your Inbox and you can start receiving and making calls, similar to the web application.


    If you're outside the Dialpad web app browser tab, Chrome will display a notification alerting you of any incoming messages or calls.

    Click the notification message and the Dialpad web app will open.


    Message notifications open the conversation thread view automatically.

    Call notifications require you to select Answer before the call begins.

    Enable Chrome Notifications

    Before receiving Chrome notifications, you need to allow Chrome to display Dialpad's notifications.

    From your Chrome browser:

    1. Navigate to Settings 
    2. Select Site Settings 
    3. Select Dialpad
    4. Select Notifications
    5. Click Allow
    6. Refresh the web app

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