Dialpad Extension
    • 09 Jul 2024
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    Dialpad Extension

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    Dialpad’s native extension integrates call and message capabilities directly into the products and services you use every day, keeping you connected without interruption.

    Eliminating the need to navigate between different apps and windows, our Dialpad Extensionlets agents access a mini version of Dialpad while they are on specific websites, (like Gmail, Zoho, or Hubspot).

    Let's dive into the details.

    Who can use this feature
    The Dialpad Extension is available to Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales Center users on the Advanced or Premium plans.

    This extension is available for Chrome 88 and above.

    Download Dialpad Extension

    First things first, you'll need to download the CTI Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

    1. Search for Dialpad Extension
    2. Select Add to Chrome
    3. Select Add extension

    That’s it! You’ll be notified once the Dialpad Extension has been added to Chrome.

    Compatibility (CTI)

    Out of the box, the Chrome-CTI extension is compatible with the following websites:

    • https://*.zendesk.com
    • https://*.kustomerapp.com
    • https://*.zoho.in
    • https://*.zoho.com
    • https://*.zoho.eu
    • https://*.zoho.com.au
    • https://*.zoho.com.cn
    • https://*.app.hubspot.com
    • https://*.app.copper.com
    • https://*.dynamics.com
    • https://drive.google.com
    • https://docs.google.com
    • https://mail.google.com
    • https://calendar.google.com
    For websites that are not included with the package (your own company page or preferred website/email/system) you’ll need to add the domains to your Dialpad Integration Settings first. Refer to the next section for more information.

    Enable the extension

    Once the extension has been downloaded, Company Admins must enable the Dialpad Extension at the Company level.

    To enable the extension, head to your Admin Settings at Dialpad.com

    1. Select My Company
    2. Select Integrations 
    3. Navigate to Dialpad Chrome Extension
    4. Select Options
    5. Select Manage Settings
    6. Select Enable this feature
    7. Navigate to the Adding Domain Name and AddingService Name fields
      1. Enter the Domain Name
      2. Enter Service Name
    8. Select Add URL
    9. Select Save

    If you are customizing a specific website for a domain that’s also added as a default domain, unselect the box on the default domain. 


    Click-to-Call and SMS features work automatically and do not require enablement.

    Please allow up to 6 hours for the settings to take effect.

    You can enter as many URLs or domains as you like, as long as each one has a different service name. The service name will be used to identify your setting, so make sure it’s plain text, no spaces, and is descriptive of the URL or domain that it was added to.

    Customize for an office

    Once enabled on a Company Level, you can choose to have individual offices inherit the company presets or customize them. 

    By default, offices will inherit the company-wide parameters. 

    To customize the Dialpad Chrome Extension settings for an office, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com

    1. Navigate to Office Settings 
    2. Select Integrations
    3. Navigate to Dialpad Chrome Extension
    4. Select Options
    5. Select Manage Settings
    6. Select Customize for this Office
    7. Select the desired preferences
    8. Select Save

    First-time login 

    Once the Dialpad Chrome Extension has been installed, you will be prompted to log in when you select the extension icon from your browser. 

    If you are using one of the domains listed above, such as Gmail or Drive, as long as your Company Admin has enabled the extension for your Company or Office, you'll be able to login with your Dialpad credentials and start using the CTI.

    To login on the Chrome CTI:

    1. Select the extension icon in the browser toolbar
    2. Select Login
    3. Enter your credentials

    Once you’ve logged in, select the Extension icon again

    1. Select Dialpad Chrome CTI 
    2. Select Launch CTI

    If you close the CTI, or when you come in the next day, just follow the steps above to get the extension to pop up again.

    Use Click-to-Call and SMS

    The best part about the click-to-call feature is that it's automatically enabled, so you can start using it right away.

    When 'Launch CTI automatically' is enabled, phone numbers will be highlighted and you can click-to-call or click-to-message.

    • Click-to-call by left-clicking on the number.
    • Click-to-message by right-clicking the number and selecting message this number.

    Once clicked, the Dialpad CTI will open in your browser. 

    Users can manually select a number on a webpage and use the right-click menu to call or send a message if the number isn't highlighted automatically.


    This is a basic version of the CTI that isn't made for any specific websites or CRMs, so it won't work with systems that have a dedicated CTI like Salesforce.

    Customize CTI settings

    Additional settings in the extension menu let users customize their CTI experience and functionality.

    To change your click-to-call settings:

    1. Select the extension menu (that's the puzzle piece)
    2. Select more options beside Dialpad Chrome CTI (that’s the 3 dots)
    3. Select Options
    4. Navigate to Basic Settings
    5. Select your preferred Dialpad device

    Frequently asked questions

    How do wildcards work?

    Wild cards can be used as replacements for domain prefixes such as app.hubspot.com.  

    By inserting a *. (for example, *.hubspot.com) the Dialpad extension will be granted permissions for the entire hubspot.com domain. 

    Wildcards at the end of the domain will not work though (for example regionalized domains such as zoho.au, zoho.com).  For these, please add each domain individually.

    What is a Service Name?

    Service Names are used to identify your individual domains. This allows the CTI to keep multiple instances active on different pages in the same browser session. Because of this duplicated Service Names are not allowed. Please make sure your Service Name is a simple identifier with no spaces or special characters.

    Why don’t my web settings apply immediately? 

    Web settings refresh every few hours, which means changes might not take effect right away. To ensure they do, simply log out of the extension and log back in. This prompts the extension to fetch the latest settings and apply them immediately.

    I still can’t get my Dialpad Extension to work. Who should I reach out to for help?

    Please email [email protected] — our API team will be happy to look into it!

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