Use Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning
    • 21 May 2024
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    Use Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning

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    Dialpad and the Salesforce CTI allow you to access Dialpad’s features inside Salesforce Lightning. With the Salesforce CTI, you’re able to make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and much more.

    Let’s take a look at the Salesforce CTI with Dialpad.

    Who can use this feature?

    Dialpad's Salesforce Lightning integration is available to Dialpad Ai Voice users on a Pro or Enterprise plan, as well as Ai Sales and Ai Contact Center users.

    Log in & access settings

    First, ensure you’ve installed the latest version of the Dialpad for Salesforce CTI from Salesforce AppExchange.

    Launch the CTI, and log in to Dialpad.

    If you can’t access this integration, please ensure that your Salesforce Admin has enabled it.

    Log In


    CTI Settings


    From the CTI, select the Menu icon in the top-right corner to launch a drop-down with the CTI’s settings.

    • Do Not Disturb: Send all calls to voicemail
    • Send Feedback: Give product feedback to Dialpad
    • App Settings: Manage settings specifically for the CTI
    • Account Settings: Manage settings specifically for Dialpad across all devices
    • Analytics: Access the Analytics menu in Dialpad


    Select App Settings and you’re able to customize the CTI settings shown above. You can control these settings as a Company/Office Admin from the integration settings pages. 


    Device Settings


    From the CTI, select the Devices icon to choose the microphone and speaker/headset to use. You can also test your microphone, speaker/headset, and network to ensure all work properly.

    Keep in mind that you’ll need to provide Google Chrome with permission to access the microphone in order to make and receive calls.

    View & Search Contacts

    View Contacts


    Use the Recent tab to see contacts you’ve recently called or messaged and the Frequent tab to see contacts you communicate with often.

    Search Contacts


    From the CTI, select the Search icon and enter a name or number. Dialpad searches across personal, directory, Department, and Contact Center contacts.

    Make a Call


    From the CTI, select Make a Call and enter the name or number of who you’d like to communicate with.

    You’re also able to click-to-call in Salesforce Lightning or search and contact and then make a call. Not just that, you can also use our click-to-text capability to search a number in Salesforce & click on that to initiate text messaging.


    Once the call connects, you’ll see call controls including record, mute, hold, transfer, and hang up.


    When making a call, you may see Enable Calling as an option. It means that you have more than one web browser tab open with Salesforce Lightning. Choose this option to make or receive calls.

    Keep in mind that, if you switch to a different tab, you will need to select Enable Calling again, which will prevent you from making or receiving a call on the previous tab. This is done so that you may receive inbound calls on the tab you’re actively on.

    Record a Call


    From the CTI during an active call, select Record. Select this button again to stop recording.

    Looking from the recording? From the Dialpad app, navigate to Inbox > Recordings. Salesforce also stores this under the Task associated with the call.

    If your Dialpad Admin enabled automatic call recording on Shared Lines, you’ll find a recording link automatically saved in Salesforce as well as Dialpad.

    Transfer a Call


    From the CTI during an active call, select Transfer and enter the desired recipient.

    If the recipient also uses this integration, they’ll receive the call within Salesforce Lightning.

    Assign to Case, Opportunities, & Custom Objects


    Use the Relate To drop-down menu to select the case, opportunity, or any custom objects you want to associate the call to.

    Keep in mind that, if your Dialpad contact is matched to a Salesforce contact record, the 'Relate to' drop-down menu will show records of only those object types that are ‘related’ to the Salesforce 'Contact' object type in a master-detail or lookup relationship in Salesforce. However, if you want to log your call to cases/opportunities that are not ‘related’ to the contact record, you can use the 'Browse all objects' button to search the record of your choice in the salesforce instance and associate the call to it.

    If you'd like to create a new case during a call and associate the call to it, follow these instructions:

    • Set up screen pop configuration in Salesforce to open 'Pop Details Page' for 'Single matching record'
    • With the above setup, Dialpad will automatically open the Salesforce record details page when the user receives an incoming call
    • Use the standard ‘create case’ option in the Salesforce record details page to create a new case and save it
    • Once the new case is saved, click the 'Refresh' button in the CTI; this will bring up the new case in the 'Relate to” menu and you should be able to select it to associate the call 

    Log a Note


    Need to jot down a quick note? You’ll have the option during an active call and right after it ends. Select Log Call to be pulled into the newly-created Task.

    Keep in mind that, if you decide to jot down a note during an active call, you won’t be able to completely log it until the call ends.

    Adjust Caller ID


    From the CTI, select the Phone icon next to a number and select an available line alongside the New Call From drop-down.

    You’ll also see Your Caller ID Displays As to know the number being used for caller ID before the place is made.

    Receive a Call


    From the CTI, select Answer. If you select Screen, you can still answer at any time while the caller is leaving a voicemail. Decline, meanwhile, rejects the call.

    If the caller is already a contact in Salesforce, you’ll see a tag beneath their name denoting this. Select Contact during the active call to view contact information.

    Answer Calls While on Active Call


    From the CTI while on an active call, select Answer to place the current call on hold or Merge to merge the incoming call with the current call.

    Find a Match


    Don’t stress over multiple matches — we recognize when more than one contact calls in with the same number, giving you the option to select the right contact for that number.

    Choose a contact, then select Connect.

    Switch Devices


    Answer a call on another device first? You can move the call to Salesforce.

    From the CTI, select the Phone icon > Switch Call to this Devices in the pop-up.

    Send a Message


    From the CTI, use the drop-down alongside ‘Make a Call’ and select Send a Message.

    Enter the name or number of who you’d like to communicate with, then start typing a message.

    Contact Center Availability Status


    From the CTI, launch the drop-down under ‘Contact Centers’ and choose an availability status for all Contact Centers that you’re assigned to.

    You can also select Manage from the CTI to choose an availability status for specific Contact Centers and Departments.

    Create New Contacts & Leads


    From the CTI, you’re able to create a contact or lead for calls to and from unknown callers.

    Select Create Contact or Create Lead, and new objects are created in Salesforce to log the call against.


    The CTI allows you to associate your calls to Salesforce objects related to the contact you’re on a call with.

    It includes standard objects (cases and opportunities) as well as custom objects.

    Change Salesforce Match


    Select Wrong Match during a call to change the associated Salesforce contact or lead.

    Screen Pop


    Use standard softphone layout configurations in Salesforce for setting up the CTI’s screen pop.

    Choose to automatically open a Salesforce record details page for incoming calls from existing Salesforce contacts.

    Visit this Help Center article to find answers for frequently asked questions regarding Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning.

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