On Hold & Suspended Accounts
    • 08 Dec 2023
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    On Hold & Suspended Accounts

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    Life is busy and sometimes we forget little things like updating a subscription with a credit card's updated expiration date. 

    This can result in your account being placed on hold, or suspended. Worry not - this is an easy fix and we're here to help. Read along below to learn what your next steps will be if you've received a notification from us that your account was paused. 

    On hold accounts

    If your account is placed on hold, that means that we were not able to process your payment, i.e. your credit card was declined.

    In those cases, we email your team admin the same day. During the hold state, all of your Dialpad lines are still active.

    If you are the team admin you will hear an IVR at the beginning of your calls reminding you to update your payment. You'll also see a banner notification displayed across your dashboard.

    Suspended accounts

    If we still have not received payment after 30 days, your account will be placed in a suspended state.

    Your lines will no longer be active and the team admin will hear an IVR stating that your account has been suspended and that payment is required in order to reinstate the account.

    With suspended accounts, your participants will also hear a similar IVR when trying to dial into your lines.

    Addressing on hold accounts

    If your account was placed on hold, chances are you just need to update your payment information on your Billing page.

    Once you've updated this information, we'll process the payment. As long as this is successful, your account will be taken off hold.

    Addressing suspended accounts

    If your account was placed in a suspended state, you'll need to first check your Billing page to ensure that your payment information is correct.

    Once you've verified this, you'll need to reach out to our Support Team before your account can be reinstated.

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