Add & Remove User Permissions
  • 29 May 2023
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Add & Remove User Permissions

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Article Summary

This article explains how to add or remove user permissions in Dialpad. Admins can add permissions for their team members to unlock features such as calling, meetings, fax lines, desk phones and more. Before adding user permissions, admins must ensure that their users have accepted their emailed Dialpad invites and logged into Dialpad at least once. To add or remove user permissions, admins should navigate to Admin Settings > Office > Users and select the appropriate options for each user. Multiple users can also be selected at once to complete certain actions such as deleting users or adding/removing admin access.

Admins have the ability to add permissions for their team members to unlock features such as analytics, international calling, and fax lines.

Before adding user permissions, make sure that your users:

  • Accepted their emailed Dialpad invites
  • Logged into Dialpad at least once

As long as those steps are complete, you're ready to add permissions. Let's take a look at how to do that.

Add or Remove User Permissions


From, navigate to Admin SettingsOfficeUsers.

Choose which user you'd like to add permissions for, then select Options:

  • Calling
    • Add Dialpad Meetings
    • Add Fax Line
    • Add Desk Phone
    • Add Extension
    • Swap Phone Number
    • Configure Integrations
  • Groups
    • View User's Analytics
    • Make Call Center Agent
    • Make Department Operator
  • Privileges
    • Give Analytics Access (access to Charting Data only and not the entire Calls List; must be Company Admin to grant)
    • Enable International Service
  • Admin
    • Add Admin Privileges (create another Office Admins)
    • Delete Account
    • Proxy Login

To remove any permissions, you'll follow the same steps. From, navigate to Admin SettingsOfficeUsers. Select Options and make the appropriate changes.

You can also choose multiple users to complete certain actions. Select the empty checkbox to the left of their names, then return to the top of the page to see Delete UsersAdd/Remove Admin Access, and Add/Remove Analytics Permission buttons.

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