Use the Dialpad + Zendesk Integration
    • 21 May 2024
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    Use the Dialpad + Zendesk Integration

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    Whether your support team is down the hall or in a different time zone, the Dialpad and Zendesk integration puts all the tools your team needs for better customer service in one place. Your data from both platforms will update and sync automatically across all devices so that you can close your customer tickets from anywhere.

    With the Dialpad Zendesk integration, agents have access to crystal clear HD calling right inside their service platform. Support tickets are automatically created with incoming calls to the contact center, so agents can start taking notes right then and there. And if the incoming caller already has a ticket, you'll see it instantly  — that means more tickets closed sooner and happier customers.

    Let's take a look at the Dialpad Zendesk integration.  

    Who can use this feature
    Dialpad's Zendesk integration is available to Ai Sales and Ai Contact Center customers, as well as Dialpad Ai Voice users on Pro and Enterprise plans.
    Agents must also be on a Zendesk Talk Partner Edition, with access to the tickets and user management.

    Connect the integration 

    To use this integration, you'll need to connect Zendesk in Dialpad and connect Dialpad in Zendesk. 

    Connect Zendesk in Dialpad 

    To connect Zendesk in Dialpad:

    1. Select a conversation
    2. Select Zendesk from the contact's sidebar (just like Salesforce or G Suite integrations)
    3. Select Connect Zendesk
    4. Follow the prompts — you'll need to enter your Zendesk domain and your login credentials 

    Connect Dialpad in Zendesk

    To connect Dialpad in Zendesk, first, make sure your Admin has added Dialpad from the Zendesk app store.

    1. On your Zendesk Agent view, click on the Dialpad logo
    2. Select your login option (G-Suite, O365, or email and password) 
    3. Select Allow

    Match a customer record in Dialpad

    Once integrated, Dialpad will search through Zendesk to match your contacts with existing Zendesk users. If none exists, you can create a new record based on their Dialpad info.

    Keep in mind that agents need to have access to create end users in Zendesk.

    When you encounter multiple matches, just select the correct one to sync. 

    Create a ticket in Dialpad 

    No need to toggle over to Zendesk to create a support ticket. To generate a ticket from the Dialpad app,

    1. select Create New Ticket 
    2. Select your brand and priority from the drop-down option 
    3. Add the details of the ticket
    4. Select Create Ticket

    Once created, you'll see the ticket appear under Unresolved Tickets and All Tickets with the ability to click on either to launch your Zendesk portal. 


    Dialpad Tip:

    Did you know that Zendesk for Dialpad is supported on both Android and iOS apps?

    Receive calls and create tickets in Zendesk

    When agents receive a call, the Dialpad widget will automatically expand to display answer options. 

    Plus, we'll automatically load a New Ticket page for agents to log the call and any notes.



    Department calls will not log to Zendesk if the call is answered by an operator who is a room phone. 

    Send Dialpad messages in Zendesk

    Not able to leave Zendesk but need to send a quick message? No problem! Search and click on the contact you need to reach out to.

    Click to call in Zendesk

    Need to place an outbound call? Simply navigate to any ticket in Zendesk to have the Dialpad widget automatically populate the Call button with the phone number for the last customer you talked with over Dialpad. 

    Additional features

    The Dialpad widget also houses general app settings that agents will be familiar with using the desktop app. Those include:

    • Profile settings 
    • Caller ID toggle 
    • DND toggle 
    • If applied, Custom Off Duty Status for contact center
    • Call screen/search 
    • Widget settings (department DND + call queue DND)

    View post wrap up time

    After ending a call, you'll see your post wrap up time displayed across your widget with the option to end early and hop back in the queue.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are canceled calls logged in Zendesk?

    Yes; however, calls made and canceled within 5 seconds will not be logged in Zendesk. Only calls made and canceled after 5 seconds will be logged.

    Are missed calls without voicemails logged to Zendesk?

    No, missed calls without voicemails are not logged to Zendesk.

    How do we log voicemails for Departments and Contact Centers?

    We do a round-robin to decide which user in a department/contact center to log tickets created from voicemails. Preference is given to the department and contact centre admins. At least one of the members of the department or contact center must be connected to Zendesk with permission to log tickets 

    Does this integration sync my Zendesk contacts to Dialpad?

    No. We currently do not perform contact sync between Zendesk and Dialpad. For example, when someone calls into your Dialpad and you are using the Zendesk integration, unless that contact is saved in your Zendesk account the phone ticket that gets created will only show the phone number they are calling from. 

    How do I get the names of my callers to show up on Zendesk?

    You will need to manually add them to Zendesk as an end user.

    Do I need to provide browser access to anything?

    Yes, you must provide browser access to your microphone and sound to use our CTIs. While using Google Chrome, copy and paste chrome://settings/content/siteDetails? to launch the configuration menu.

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