Dialpad Business Intelligence (BI) FAQs
    • 06 Jun 2023
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    Dialpad Business Intelligence (BI) FAQs

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    Dialpad BI is a robust feature and so we've put together some FAQs to help you get the most out of your data and your Dialpad BI experience.

    Who Can Use This Feature
    Dialpad BI is available for Contact Center or Ai Sales Users.

    This feature is a paid add-on, and you'll need to have Company Admin or Analytics specific permissions.

    Why is my timezone different in Dialpad BI and my other analytics?

    Dialpad BI uses your system's timezone as the default, whereas the other Dialpad Analytics features will by default use the timezone of the office you've selected. With Dialpad BI, you can manually set the timezone you'd like to use though.

    Why doesn't Dialpad BI display data for all my groups and users?

    Dialpad BI will not currently show data for dimensions that have no applicable data in the dataset that is filtered. For example, if you view a report on office call volume for yesterday, and some of your offices didn't have any calls on that date, Dialpad BI will not display a row for these offices (as opposed to displaying an empty row or showing all 0's for their metrics).

    Can I create Dashboards in addition to the reports?

    Dashboards cannot currently be created, though it's possible that this functionality may be available in the future. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to see this feature, so they can request it on your behalf.

    What analytics capabilities are not possible with Dialpad BI?

    • Dialpad BI is not designed for complex logic operations that would involve multiple steps
      • i.e. Trying to tie master call IDs between call legs, and then aggregating the results
    • Speech and transcript-related data is not yet available
      • i.e. Call keywords, moments, etc
    • Dialpad BI is not designed for Realtime/Live metrics
      • Available data is from up to 4 hours prior, to the present time

    Can I use Dialpad BI in languages other than English?

    Unfortunately, English is the only fully supported language at this time.

    Why do I see the "⦰" symbol or blanks in my data?

    You may sometimes see some of the rows/columns in your reports will display blanks or null values ()Some of the common reasons for this are:

    • A user/group was deleted, so there's no name to display
    • No name was configured for the user/group
    • There was no data for some of the records in the dataset. (i.e. A call had no disposition or CSAT score)
    • The dimension/measure being looked at is not applicable to the data being filtered for
      • i.e. Speed to answer is only applicable to Call Center calls

    Why does my data take a long time to load?

    Large amounts of data can take some time to load. This is perfectly normal and reducing the amount of data in your report will result in faster loading.

    This could be adding a filter to reduce the amount of data selected (i.e. limiting your date range to the minimum needed), or removing the fields that aren't necessary for the reporting that you're doing.

    Are Saved Reports shareable?

    Reports in Dialpad BI cannot be directly shared with other users, however you can send the results of your saved reports to anyone via email through the "send" and/or "schedule" capability.

    Can I send a report to someone who is not a Dialpad User?

    Absolutely! You can send any Dialpad BI report to any email address. 

    Are there any restrictions to know about when using Dialpad BI?

    Although there aren't currently any notable restrictions, to maintain system health and prevent abuse, if necessary we may consider imposing restrictions including but not limited to, the number of reports that can be saved/scheduled, the frequency at which reporting data can be downloaded, the duration or quantity of the data that can be queried reporting on at any given time, the fields that can be used, etc.

    Where can I send feedback on this feature?

    We love feedback and can't wait to hear your thoughts! You can use this form to send us your comments/suggestions, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to pass along your feedback.


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