Getting Started with Dialpad Self-Service


What is Dialpad Self-Service?

Dialpad Self-Service is a versatile AI-powered solution capable of digesting and indexing both structured and unstructured information and transforming it into your very own virtual assistant. 

Using multi-patented semantic search technology, Dialpad Self-Service is able to answer 90% of all common queries, identifying any existing knowledge gaps and reducing handling times by 70% without the need for data scientists or extensive training of the model. 

Use cases range from best in class customer facing deflection tools to an agent assist model able to guide customer service agents through complex processes in real time with pinpoint precision.

Who can use Dialpad Self-Service?

Dialpad Self Service for front line digital assistance

Dialpad Self-Service is designed for ease of use in the back end. Rather than requiring deep levels of technical proficiency the Dialpad Self-Service UI is intuitive and ergonomic and works out of the box, so company product and domain experts, those people that run their organization day to day are always in control of the knowledge output. The platform capable of digesting and indexing structured and unstructured information, so you don't need to have an existing help center set up in order to use the product – all you need is a website (and visitors)! 

We also provide a broad range of marketing and technical analytics to help customers get the most out of the product and give deeper, holistic insights into what is happening with the website as a whole. The system is always learning and will evolve with the user traffic so that our customers are always on top of emerging trends and behavior.


Dialpad Self Service for agent assist

Dialpad Self service is perfect for any company handling large volumes of customer inquiries using agent call centers. Employees are able to search across an entire knowledge base for a specific piece of information and with our dialogue builder can be guided through complicated processes from start to finish. With Dialpad Self Service, it is also possible to jump to a specific point in a process dialogue using the search function, cutting down handling times, and leading increasing efficiency. With a range of different features that can be added to each response including images and videos, as well as attachments and quoted content, agents can guide customers safely knowing that the information they are providing is correct and up to date.

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