Meeting Countdown Timer

Who can use this feature?

Meeting Countdown Timer is a feature available to Dialpad Meetings Business customers and their respective meetings.

Keep in mind that you're only able to see and hear a meeting timer from Dialpad's desktop application; this feature does not work on PSTN or the mobile app.

Enable Meeting Countdown Timer

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, navigate to Settings Allow Meeting Timer.



Choose to enable the meeting timer with or without audio. With audio, an alert for the Organizer and Participants will play after the countdown concludes.

Set Meeting Countdown Timer


From an active conference, navigate to Meeting Info and select Add a Meeting Timer.

Enter the length in 00:00 format, then select Start to start the timer.

Dialpad Meetings' timer will appear in the top-left corner for the Organizer and all Participants to see. Both the Organizer and any Participants may view, set, and stop a meeting timer in conferences with the feature enabled.

Stop & Pause Controls


From an active meeting, select the Stop button to turn off the timer or the Pause button to freeze the countdown.

Both the Organizer and any Participants in the conference are able to do this.

End-of-Meeting (5-Minute) Reminder


If you've scheduled a meeting directly or using the Add-On for Google Calendar (see special instructions), Dialpad Meetings displays a 5-minute reminder as a meeting nears its conclusion.

It allows the Organizer and all other Participants to understand the meeting reached its scheduled end; however, the meeting will not officially end until the Organizer ends it or the Participants leave. Each person must dismiss the 5-minute reminder on their own, so the Organizer dismissing it will not do so for any Participants.

Keep in mind that this capability still works even if you've set a Meeting Countdown Timer during the meeting (as shown above). Both the 5-minute reminder and the meeting timer will appear simultaneously in the top-left corner.

Negative Timer

Sometimes it's not enough to know when the meeting is over. If a meeting runs long, the Meeting Countdown Timer shows how long the meeting has gone over the allotted time with a Negative Timer.

After the timer hits zero, it will begin displaying "Exceeded By" time with a negative number. You can close this by dismissing the reminder.

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