Salesforce Sandbox Support

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Use a Salesforce Sandbox instance in Dialpad to test Salesforce integration features before rolling it out to a live (production) instance.

Let’s take a look at Salesforce Sandbox support in Dialpad.  

Connect to Salesforce Sandbox Instance

First, decide if you’d like to connect a specific Office or the entire company to the  Salesforce sandbox 

From, navigate to your Admin Settings

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Select Salesforce
    • If you’re doing this for the entire company, navigate to Admin Settings > My Company > Integrations > Salesforce
  4. Select Options
  5. Select Configure
  6. Open the Settings tab
  7. Choose the environment where the integration will be deployed.
    1. Choose Use Salesforce Sandbox



Install the Salesforce package in the Salesforce sandbox instance, which will be used for the connection.

Dialpad users in the identified Office or entire company will then be able to connect to a Salesforce sandbox using the sidebar in the Dialpad app. Users can log in to their Salesforce sandbox accounts and connect to the Dialpad CTI from this sandbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the same user be connected to both a Salesforce production instance and a Salesforce sandbox instance at the same time?

No, a user in Dialpad can only be connected to either a Salesforce production instance or a Salesforce sandbox instance at one time.

Is it possible to use Salesforce Production and Salesforce Sandbox at the same time?

Yes, but you'll need to create a new office under the same company. The old office can remain connected to the SF production instance while the new office can be connected to the SF sandbox. 

Do you support connecting a selective set of users in an Office from Dialpad to a Salesforce sandbox instance, leaving other users to a Salesforce production instance?

No, once the configuration is set for an Office, all users in that Office must be connected to the Salesforce sandbox instance.

Can other Offices remain connected to a Salesforce production instance?

Yes, you're able to connect an Office to a Salesforce sandbox instance while other Offices remain connected to a Salesforce production instance.

Do all users in Dialpad need to disconnect when setting this up?

Yes, once you change the configuration to 'Connect to' a Salesforce sandbox instance, all users in an Office must first disconnect before attempting to reconnect as they will then be prompted to connect to the Salesforce sandbox instance.

How do I disconnect from Sandbox and connect to Production?

Salesforce connects and re-authenticates with the production credentials. The Salesforce admin must first log out of Dialpad.


After sucessfully logging out, then follow the steps below. 

  1. In Dialpad Desktop (or Web App) pull up any contact, and use the gear icon in the Salesforce section of the right side sidebar.
  2. In Salesforce, click Disconnect under your profile settings.


Once completed, users will need to complete the same steps.