Analytics for Deleted Users

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Once you delete a user, there can be an impact on the Analytics menu, the Call History menu, in-app views, recordings, and transcripts.

Let's take a look at analytics for deleted users in Dialpad.

Analytics Menu




When filtering for an Office, the main change is that, while deleted users' statistics remain displayed in the leaderboard, their names are replaced by “Deleted User (deleted)”.

In a leaderboard from the Analytics menu (seen above), deleted users' calls remain counted in the metrics.

Department / Call Center / Coaching Team


When filtering for a Call Center, Department, or Coaching Team there is no change after a user is deleted; the summary metrics underneath the chart (shown above) won't change.

Before deletion, we see both Agents are listed in the leaderboard:


After deletion, the deleted Agent’s name and profile picture have been replaced. The call metrics remain unchanged.



Call History

After a user is deleted, their username will immediately be replaced, but data such as call history, voice recordings, and call transcripts will remain in the system until data anonymization occurs. When data anonymization occurs is determined by the retention policy that has been applied to the type of data. For more information, see the article on Data Retention Policy

Before anonymization, calls made to or from a deleted user will remain visible on the Call History screen. The name and profile picture associated with the call will be removed.

You will not be able to filter for a deleted user’s calls in the Call History screen. However, you will be able to view anonymized calls for a specific deleted user by clicking on their Leaderboard summary from the Analytics page.


After the retention period has passed, these calls are also removed from the Call History page.



Before deletion, the Call History page shows a call made to the Call Center that was answered by an agent.


After the user has been deleted, but before the retention period has passed, the call leg no longer shows the user’s name.


After the agent has been deleted and the retention period has passed, the call is removed. 


For Call Centers, Departments, and Coaching Teams the call will remain visible in the "All" and "Recordings" tab. The recording can be played, and contact history remains, but the Ai call summary and transcription are no longer available.

Example from a Call Center:



After user deletion, exported data will no longer contain the usernames or emails of the deleted users. The call records and metrics will remain intact.