Call Center DND vs Off Duty Toggle

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We often hear "What is the difference between my Call Center's DND toggle and putting myself Off duty?"

So, let's break it down. 

Off Duty/Available Toggle 

The Off-Duty toggle disables an agent's ability from getting calls to any call center they are assigned to, regardless of their DND settings for that call center.

In the example below, Agung's DND toggle for the Aerolabs Customer Support Call Center is set to OFF, meaning she is ready to take calls for that call center. However, since she has set herself to Off Duty, her DND settings are overridden.



Call Center Do Not Disturb 

Agents who are assigned to a call center or multiple call centers have the ability to toggle themselves on or off duty for whichever call centers they want to accept calls for.

In the example below, Agung is assigned to 5 different call centers and has marked herself Available to take calls.

However, Agung has enabled Do Not Disturb on the Aerolabs Customer Support and Global Customer Support call centers, so she will not receive calls for either of those two call centers.