Ai Supervisor Insights

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Let's dive into the details.

Real-time Sentiment Analysis

Real-time sentiment analysis uses Dialpad Ai to analyze customer conversations for words that suggest positive or negative sentiment in order to give supervisors a quick snapshot of how customer interactions are going. This allows sales and support team managers to know exactly if and when they need to jump in to help their team.  

To view live call Sentiment Analysis:

  1. Choose the desired Call Center 
  2. Select the Live Calls tab
  3. The Call Sentiment will display for each live call


Real-Time Transcripts 

Supervisors can view real-time transcripts of their Agent's calls.

From your Department or Call Center's Live Calls tab, click View Call 


Supervisors can join the call by selecting Listen in on Call (don't worry, the caller won't know that they've joined).  

Once Listening, they can also:

  • Record the call
  • Place the call on hold
  • Hang up the call 
  • Barge In on the call
  • Take Over the call

Learn more about our Call Monitoring Features in this Help Center article. 

Post Call Summary

Once the call ends, Supervisors can access a post-call summary that includes:

  • Caller Information
  • Timestamp
  • Action Items
  • Snippets
  • Agent Notes
  • Moments
  • Call Transcript


Easily find call summaries from your Call History.

  1. Head to your Dialpad Admin Portal
  2. Select Call History
  3. Select All Calls
  4. Click the Ai icon beside the desired call view_ai_from_summary.png

Be sure to read this Help Center article to learn more about managing a Contact Center.