Department Contacts FAQs

What is a Department contact?

When an outside caller contacts your Department, Main Line, or Call Queue Dialpad creates a "Department Contact" for that user (so either calls the line, sends a message, or sends a fax). 

You may have noticed that when you search for a contact, sometimes their name will appear twice in your search results: once for their personal contact information and one for the shared line they've interacted with. 


In this case, Leo Fink is not only a personal contact of this user but also someone who's interacted with the company's Main Line number. 

What happens when my personal contact interacts with a shared line?

In the case where a user's personal contact also ends up interacting with a shared line, Dialpad creates a Shared Department Contact.

What's the difference? With a Department contact, both Admins and Operators/Agents can directly edit the contact's information (like phone number or name). 

With a Shared Department Contact, only the Admin, Operator or Agent that has that caller saved as their own personal contact will be able to directly edit the contact's information. 

Managing Department Contacts

To clear up any confusion, we've removed the ability to create any new shared department contacts. So moving forward, any contact that interacts with a shared line will be editable by the Admins and Operators/Agents of that line. 

What happens to existing shared department contacts?

While Dialpad won't create any new shared department contacts moving forward, Office accounts may still have some lingering shared contacts associated with their shared lines. 


In those cases, Admins can decide if they want the original owner to make any necessary changes (like changing the phone # or email associated with the contact) or they can simply request the original owner to delete the contact.