E911 Emergency Services

E911 emergency dialing via the Dialpad app is available on Standard plans and above.

When you first create your Dialpad account, you’ll be asked to confirm your E911 address. This ensures emergency response teams can locate you in case you call for urgent assistance.

The Dialpad Admin will be asked to enter an E911 location at signup. When team members first access their Dialpad account, they too will be asked to confirm their E911 location. 

Edit your E911 Location

Dialpad Admins can edit the E911 location of their Office, while individual team members can edit their personal E911 location. 

Office E911 

Dialpad Admins can navigate to Dialpad.com> Admin Settings > Office > Office Settings > Registered Location for 911 Calls.


When making a 911 call, immediately tell the emergency operator the location of the emergency and a call back number in case your call gets disconnected.

E911 service is required by the federal government, so your monthly invoice will include this charge (see Taxes and Fees). 

Personal E911 

Team members can navigate to Dialpad.com > Your Settings > For Your Safety. Just click Edit to adjust the address. 


Admin Notifications

Administrators will receive email notifications when their Offices change their E911 location. The default settings are:

  • Company Administrators: Notified for every office
  • Regional Administrators: Notified for their regional office(s)
  • Office Administrators: Notified for their specific office

Want to make an adjustment on who ends up being notified? Reach out to our support team.  

E911 Room Phone Settings

Need to adjust your E911 location on your room phone? Office Administrators can make this adjustment by following these steps:

  1. Navigate Dialpad.com > Admin Settings > Office > Deskphones > Room Phones
  2. Identify the phone you need to adjust and click Edit
  3. Under Registered E911 Location click Edit to change the address
  4. Click Verify Changes 
  5. Decide how you want to alert your team (new users vs existing or all)
  6. Click Confirm to finalize 



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