Use the Dialpad + Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk integration is available on Pro and Enterprise plans. Agents will also need to be on Zendesk Talk Partner Edition.

Zendesk is a customer service software that allows support teams to create, track, and resolve tickets across their entire customer base. Integrating Zendesk with Dialpad means a singular platform for your communications, whether internal or customer-facing.  

Connect the Integration 

You can connect Zendesk + Dialpad in both your Dialpad app and in Zendesk. Let's first take a look at connecting the integration to your Dialpad app. 

Connect Zendesk in Dialpad 

Navigate to a contact and expand their sidebar to see the option to connect Zendesk (just like Salesforce or G Suite or Office 365 integrations). 

You'll need to enter your Zendesk domain plus your login credentials to finalize. 


Connect Dialpad in Zendesk

Before taking these steps, make sure your Admin has added Dialpad from the Zendesk app store.

On your Agent view, click on the Dialpad logo to expand login options via G Suite, Office 365 or email and password. 

Match a Customer Record in Dialpad

Once integrated, Dialpad will search through Zendesk to match your contacts with existing Zendesk users. If none exist, you can create a new record based on their Dialpad info.

And in the case where multiple matches appear, just select the right one to sync. 

Create a Ticket in Dialpad 

No need to toggle over to Zendesk to create a support ticket. Just select Create New Ticket to toggle between your brands, mark the priority, and add the details of the ticket. 

Once created you'll see the ticket appear under Unresolved Tickets and All Tickets with the ability to click on either to launch your Zendesk portal. 


Dialpad Tip: Did you know that Zendesk for Dialpad is supported on your Android device?

Receive Calls and Create Tickets in Zendesk

When Agents receive a call, the Dialpad widget will automatically expand to display answer options. 

Plus, we'll automatically load a New Ticket page for Agents to log the call and any notes. 

Click to Call in Zendesk

Need to place an outbound call? Simply navigate to any ticket in Zendesk to have the Dialpad widget automatically populate the Call button with your customer's number. 

Agents will even have the option to toggle between their assigned caller IDs before placing their calls. 


The Dialpad widget also houses general app settings that Agents will be familiar with using the desktop app. Those include:

  • Profile settings 
  • Caller ID toggle 
  • DND toggle 
  • Call screen/search 
  • Widget settings (Dept DND + Call Queue DND)