Add Dialpad to Tenfold

Tenfold allows you to quickly integrate Dialpad call logging with a variety of other Tenfold integrations.

Before starting these steps, you'll need to:

Navigate to Company Settings > Phone System to select and connect Dialpad.  


Next, navigate over to CRM to select and connect your desired CRM. 

Dialpad Tip: Not all of these integrations have been tested by Dialpad or Tenfold.


Next, you'll sync your CRM and Dialpad activity to get a roster of potential users. Once this list is generated, you can invite your synced users of both systems to Tenfold. 


To enable your individual users with the integration, click the + to add the extension (in this case, the email address they've used to log into Dialpad.)


View Dialpad Analytics

Want a snapshot of your Dialpad analytics combined with your Tenfold integrations? Select Analytics to populate your team's call activity. 


Receiving a Call in Tenfold

To start receiving calls in Tenfold, you'll need to make sure you've:

  • Downloaded the Tenfold Chrome extension
  • Checked the integration is enabled by right-clicking on it then selecting Manage Extensions > Enabled

Now when you receive a Dialpad call, you'll see a Tenfold widget appear on your browser's screen.


You won't need to be logged into your CRM or even actively working within it for your Tenfold widget to display caller information. You'll even have the option to add notes to automatically log with your calls.  


Dialpad Tip: For questions about how to use Tenfold and their subsequent integrations, please reach out to Tenfold's support team directly