Assign Executive Assistant Pairings

An Administrator, on the other hand, can make pairings for anyone in the Company. Let's take a look at how to do each.

Who can use this feature?

Executive Assistant Pairings are available to Dialpad Talk and Dialpad Sell customers.

Please note that, if you're on a mixed license account or Dialpad Contact Center license, users who have a Contact Center license will not be able to be part of an Executive Assistant Pairing. 

Add an Executive Assistant Pairing (User)

  1. Navigate to > Your Settings > Executive Assistant
  2. Choose between adding an Assistant or adding an Executive (must be someone from your Company). Please note, if you are on a Standard Dialpad Talk Plan, the options to prevent access to Voicemails, Transcripts, and Recordings will not appear. Screen_Shot_2020-02-11_at_9.08.27_AM.png
  3. Once you send the request, the Assistant and/or Executive will have to approve before you'll start receiving calls on their behalfScreen_Shot_2020-02-11_at_9.18.08_AM.png
  4. If you've added an Assistant, and are on a Pro or Enterprise plan, you can also give them permission to view your Voicemails, Transcripts and/or Recordings 


Add an Executive Assistant Pairing (Administrators)

  1. Navigate to > Admin Settings > Office > Office Settings > Executive Assistant
  2. Under that section, click the + icon and designate an Executive by typing in a name. The field should auto-complete against your list of Dialpad users. Do the same for designating an Assistant in the next field.
  3. After you've chosen the pairing, if your account is on a Pro or Enterprise plan, you can also give the Assistant permission to view the Executive's Voicemails, Transcripts and/or Recordings. 


Keep in mind that you won't be able to set up reciprocal pairings.

Let's say that Bob is John's Assistant. Since Bob assists John (and can answer + make calls on his behalf), Bob can't add John as his Executive since it will affect the way calls are handled.


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