Assign Executive Assistant Pairings


Users and Administrators can create Executive Assistant pairings. The difference is that a user can only accept/decline requests for themselves to either be an Executive or be someone else's Assistant.

An Administrator, on the other hand, can make pairings for anyone in the Company. Let's take a look at how to do each.

Add an Executive Assistant Pairing (User)

  1. Navigate to > Your Settings > Executive Assistant
  2. Choose between adding an Assistant or adding an Executive (must be someone from your Company)


Once you send the request, the Assistant and/or Executive will have to approve before you'll start receiving calls on their behalf.

Add an Executive Assistant Pairing (Administrators)

  1. Navigate to > Admin Settings > Office > Office Settings > Executive Assistant
  2. Under that section, click the + icon and designate an Executive by typing in a name

The field should auto-complete against your list of Dialpad users. Do the same for designating an Assistant in the next field.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to set up reciprocal pairings.

Let's say that Bob is John's Assistant. Since Bob assists John (and can answer + make calls on his behalf), Bob can't add John as his Executive since it will affect the way calls are handled. 

Dialpad Tip: You can add up to 25 Executive Assistant pairings.


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