Hold Music (FAQs)

How do I change the hold music?

Your Dialpad Administrator can change the hold music at any time by navigating to Dialpad.com > Admin Settings > Office > Main Line > Hold Music.


They'll have the option to either select one of our defaults or upload their own (must be .MP3 & can't exceed 10MB).

Your hold music will play on all your shared lines (Main Line, Department, Call Centers) whenever a caller is put on hold. This also includes calls to your team's direct lines.

Do you have any recommendations for uploading pre-recorded music?

Since PSTN phone lines support a lower frequency (300 to 3400 Hz) than say, CD quality audio (20-20,000 Hz), you may find that the audio quality of your uploaded hold music is less than great when dialing in from a PSTN line. 

If this has happened to you, here's what we'd suggest:

  • Try reducing the volume of the MP3
  • Select a recording that hasn't been overly compressed (since we don't do any post-processing of uploaded files)