Use Dialpad for Salesforce Classic (CTI)

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Place a Call

To place a call in Salesforce, click on the phone number associated with a:

  • Lead
  • Account
  • Opportunity
  • Contact
  • Case

place a call with classic

This will launch your Dialpad app (Native or Chrome) with the number pre-populated. As long as your caller ID is right, hit Call to place your new call. 

After your call ends, the call is automatically logged as a task to the associated record. 

Recent Activity Sidebar

After the Classic CTI integration is enabled, team members will see a Recent Activity sidebar automatically appear within their Salesforce screen. 

Similar to your Recent Activity sidebar in Dialpad, this displays all recently contacted Leads/Contacts. Within your sidebar you can:

  • Click the magnifying glass to search for a Salesforce record (lead, contact, etc.)
  • Click the arrow to view recent call notes
  • Click the Contact/Lead name to view information
  • Click the phone number to launch a new call

Classic vs Salesforce for Dialpad

If you've been using the Salesforce for Dialpad integration already (or our Chrome extension), you might be wondering what Salesforce Classic has to offer that's different. Let's take a closer look at the major differences:

Supported Browsers 

Our Salesforce Classic integration supports click-to-call in any browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox). With the extension, you're limited to just Chrome. 

Matching Records

Since you're clicking directly on the Lead/Account/Opportunity, etc. in Salesforce, we automatically know which record to tie the call to. 

With the Salesforce for Dialpad integration, you need to select which record is right when multiple matches appear.

Logging a Note

Using Salesforce Classic does not automatically enable the Salesforce for Dialpad integration within your desktop app—in other words, if you have Salesforce Classic on your account, you won't be able to take notes directly within in the Dialpad app. 

If you want that ability, just have your Administrator reach out to your sales rep to have the Salesforce for Dialpad integration enabled on your account.

Keep in mind that with the Classic CTI, you will either need to:

Select either one of these options to ensure that the Chrome Extension doesn’t interfere with the Classic CTI feature.

Visit this Help Center article to find answers for frequently asked questions regarding Dialpad for Salesforce Classic (CTI).