BI Reporting: Call Volumes by Hour and Day of Week

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Dialpad's 'Call Volumes by Hour and Day of Week' report provides a detailed view into your contact center's call volume patterns, great for assessing staffing needs and bottlenecks. With an easy-to-understand heatmap format, you can easily identify those anomalous days where call volumes crashed or spiked, spot unusual trends, and clearly see seasonality patterns.  

Let's get into the details of this report. 

Default Filters

This report contains 3 default filters:

  • Calls is Entry Point Call
  • Calls Start Time
  • Call Target Name


Visualization Type

The 'Call Volumes by Hour and Day of Week' is a templated report displayed as a heatmap and table combination.


Click the day to view a pop-up of the call records — call duration, start time, disposition, and call summary — without having to leave the page. call_by_day_week_drill.png

Select 'Download' to instantly save your data to your computer, with multiple formatting and selection options. 

Data Dictionary and Refresh Rates

This report contains unique Analytics definitions —  read through the following table to learn more about the data in your report, and how soon it comes available after a call. 



Availability after Call End

Call ID

A unique ID automatically assigned to each call. We generate new call IDs most of the time a call is transferred. Entry point call and user call have different call IDs as well.

5 Minutes

Target ID

Unique ID automatically assigned to the Office, Department, user, or group.

5 Minutes

Target Kind

Indicates whether the target was an Office (Main Line), Department, Call Center, Router, room, or user. Unconnected outbound group calls may not be all accounted for when filtering by this field. Use Call Target: Target Kind to ensure all are counted.

5 Minutes

Category List

A list of tags used to classify a call's outcome - answered, placed, missed, abandoned, etc.

5 Minutes

Internal Endpoint

The phone number of the Dialpad user or group who owns this call. Note: Users without an assigned number will be given a fake number starting with 803 for routing purposes. If a group line has no number, then this field will default to showing the office's mainline number.

5 Minutes

External Endpoint

The phone number of the external party contacted for this call.

5 Minutes

Start Time

The date and time that a call is received by the Dialpad system.

5 Minutes

Connected Duration

Length of time the call was connected. This is based on the connected and end dates of the call.

5 Minutes


Time from when the call was created to the time it ended.

5 Minutes

Disposition List

Comma separated list of descriptive labels applied to the call by an operator. For aggregating on individual dispositions, use the Disposition dimensions.

5 Minutes

View Call Summary

Link to this call's summary page on Dialpad. Recording availability and permissions will apply when opening.

5 Minutes