Salesforce + Dialpad Meetings
  • 30 May 2023
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Salesforce + Dialpad Meetings

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Article Summary

With Dialpad Meetings for Salesforce, you can view Salesforce insights straight from your Participant's profile, automatically log your meetings and even schedule Dialpad Meetings straight from Salesforce!

Additionally, your meetings will be saved under the Activity History for that Contact or Lead.

Let's dive into the details of this integration. 

Who Can Use This Feature
Dialpad Meeting's Salesforce integration is available to all Dialpad Meetings users.

Enable the Salesforce Integration

First things first, you'll need to enable the Salesforce integration. 

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, select Menu.

  1. Select Account
  2. Navigate to Integrations
  3. Beside Salesforce, slide the Connect account toggle on
  4. Log into Salesforce
  5. Follow the setup prompts


Contact Matching

Dialpad Meetings matches Salesforce Leads and Contacts based on the name you've added to your Dialpad Meetings account. 

As long as the person's name matches with the Meeting participant, Salesforce will automatically map the correct contact.

Dialpad Tip:
To prevent an incorrect contact match,  check the Salesforce contact information against the participant's ‘User Profile’.

• Incorrect Match

If the connected Salesforce contact is incorrect, simply select Wrong contact? and search for the correct contact name.


 Manually create a Dialpad Meetings Contact

If you're having issues with contact matching, you can opt to create the contact in Dialpad Meetings first, and then link to Salesforce afterward via their Profile. Once linked, the Participant will appear in your Salesforce contact data as well. 

Activity Logging

Both scheduled and completed meetings will appear as Tasks in Salesforce.

As long as the correct contact was matched, a new Task will be created against respective contacts with the following information: 

  • Title
  • Meeting Duration
  • Attendees
  • Chat log
  • Meeting Recording

Automatic Task creation is not instantaneous — it can take up to 5 minutes for a task to be created once the call has ended.

You'll see the associated event on the Salesforce record that the Dialpad Meetings call was synced with. If the meeting had an audio recording or chats,   there will be links to those details in the event, as seen below. The exact layout will depend on your organization's unique Salesforce configuration.  


This feature won't create new leads but does identify known leads and contacts.

Schedule Dialpad Meetings from Salesforce

Schedule your next Dialpad Meetings without ever leaving Salesforce!

First, you'll need to download the Dialpad Meetings app from the AppExchange. 

Once installed, Salesforce teams can schedule meetings either by creating a new event, or through the Dialpad Meetings tab. Let's take a closer look at each. 

Schedule an Event

  • In Salesforce, navigate to Create New > Event
  • Enter in all pertinent event info (minus your Dialpad Meetings info)
  • Check the Dialpad Meetings box 
  • Select your Contact and click Add to Invitees

After entering your info and adding your Invitees, you can choose to either:

  • Save
  • Save & Send

If you opt for Save, the Invitees will only receive the Dialpad Meetings invite.

If you opt to Save & Sendthe Invitees will receive a Dialpad Meetings invite and a Salesforce notification.

Use the Dialpad Meetings Tab

Create a meeting via your Dialpad Meetings Tab. Here's how:

  • In Salesforce, click on your Dialpad Meetings tab
  • Search for either a Contact or Lead to add as a Participant
  • Select either Start Now or Schedule

If you opt for Start Now:

  • A meeting invite is sent immediately
  • You're automatically dropped into your Dialpad Meetings active meeting 

Keep in mind that meetings with existing Contacts/Leads will be logged as a new Event in Salesforce for each occurrence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't my conference calls being logged?

If your conference calls aren't logging in Salesforce, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Was the Salesforce contact created in Salesforce before your conference call ended?
  2. Is there more than 1 contact with that same name? 
  3. Is there more than 1 contact with that same phone number?

If you answered Yes to the questions above and the contact is still not appearing, please reach out to Support.

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