Dialpad Self-Service
    • 03 Jan 2024
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    Dialpad Self-Service

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    Dialpad Self Service is an AI-powered virtual assistant that provides 24/7 digital assistance, similar to speaking with a live agent. It offers lightning-fast and accurate deep semantic searches, answering 90% of common queries and reducing handling times by 70%. The platform is intuitive and requires no technical expertise or pre-training. It can digest structured and unstructured information, making it scalable and always learning. Dialpad Self Service also provides analytics to help improve the customer experience and offers streamlined agent escalation for human interaction when needed. Overall, it aims to increase automation, customer satisfaction, and reduce contact center costs.

    Dialpad Self-Service is your very own AI-powered virtual assistant that offers 24/7 front-line digital assistance, as natural as speaking to a live agent. No pre-training or decision trees needed. From digital deflection to digital resolution, you can provide smarter digital experiences and reduce the need for live agent engagement. 

    What is Dialpad Self-Service?

    More than just a chatbot, Dialpad Self Service performs lightning-fast and highly accurate deep semantic searches, many times faster than typical website search capabilities. Dialpad Self-Service can answer 90% of all common queries, identify existing knowledge gaps, and reduce handling times by 70%. All without the need for data scientists or extensive training.

    Our cognitive Ai model is constantly learning and optimizing. With every question, it gets better at searching knowledge bases, and finding the correct answers for your customers. Use dialogues and workflows to design a conversational experience that sounds real and ensures your customers see relevant information. No pre-training or decision trees needed!

    What does this mean? Well, for starters, you will push your CSAT and NPS scores way up, simultaneously driving your Contact Center costs way down. 

    Who can use Dialpad Self-Service?

    Anyone! Rather than requiring years of technical expertise, the Dialpad Self-Service UI is intuitive, ergonomic, and works out of the box, with no code. The platform can digest and index structured and unstructured information, so you don't need an existing help center – all you need is a website (and visitors)! 
    Dialpad Self-Service is infinitely scalable and always learning. Ongoing machine learning continuously improves the customer experience, business processes, and knowledge over time to increase automation and customer satisfaction.

    Self-Service analytics

    Dialpad Self-service grows with your business, providing a broad range of marketing and technical analytics to help customers get the most out of the product and gives you deeper, holistic insights into the customer experience.

    Built-in analytics let you know just how many conversations your chatbot deflected and provide insights on how your customers interact with your self-service features — and where you might need to refine that experience for them.

    Streamlined agent escalation

    Sometimes, you need to speak to a human, and Dialpad Self-Service makes it easy for customers to connect to a real person when needed. Customers can quickly transition from any digital channel to a voice call with just a simple click, and our Real Time Assist cards give employees the information they need for tricky situations and allow them to search across an entire knowledge base (including multiple languages and PDFs!) for specific information. With a range of different features that can be added to each response, including images and videos, as well as attachments and quoted content, agents can guide customers safely, knowing that the information they are providing is correct and up to date.

    Contact your Customer Success Manager today for more details!

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