Queue Priority
  • 23 Nov 2023
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Queue Priority

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Article Summary

Queue priority allows you to prioritize which contact center queues are more important than others so that, while busy, you can ensure important calls are answered first.
Normally the oldest call gets served to the next available, but if you've set queue prioritization, it wouldn't matter how long the calls in other hold queues are waiting. Calls in designated hold queues will be served to available agents first. 
You'll want to create a queue priority if, for example, you'd like to treat VIP customers with quicker access to your contact center and agents.

Who can use this feature
Company admins on a Pro or Enterprise plan with Ai Sales and Ai Contact Center license are able to configure queue priority.

Set queue prioritization

To set your queue prioritization, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com 

  1. Select My Company 
  2. Navigate to Queue Prioritization
  3. Select Add a Contact Center to Prioritize and choose a contact center to add to the list

Once you've added all the contact centers to the list, choose how they're rung:

  • Ring this list in order of wait time: Contact centers in this list are prioritized above all other unlisted contact centers; calls will then be prioritized to agents based on the longest wait time
  • Ring this list in the order I set below: Calls will be prioritized based on the order listed

To customize the priority order:

  1. Select Edit Priority Order
  2. Select the = icon beside the contact center you'd like to move
  3. Drag and drop the contact center at the bottom to prioritize it from the list
  4. Select Save Changes

If there is only 1 level of priority, after you save, we'll always choose the Ring this list in order of wait time option

Dialpad Tip:

To enable the same call priority for multiple contact centers (ie. two contact centers at priority 1, another at priority 2, several at priority 3), drag and drop the contact center into the desired position, when it flashes purple, they'll be set at a same priority level.

Keep in mind that you do not need to include all contact centers in a list — only include the contact centers that you'd like to prioritize.

You'll only be able to create a queue priority if agents are assigned to multiple contact centers

Business hours and call routing

Once you've set your queue priority, your business hours and call routing will automatically update. 

To see if your hours are prioritized by your company:

  1. Navigate to your Admin Settings
  2. Select Contact Centers
  3. Choose the desired contact center
  4. Select Business Hours & Call Handling

If prioritization is active, you'll see a banner indicating will indicate the contact center is part of a queue prioritization list.


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