Dialpad + Hangouts Chat
    • 07 Jun 2023
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    Dialpad + Hangouts Chat

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    Google has introduced Hangouts Chat as a team messaging platform within G Suite. It allows teams to communicate, share content, and integrate third-party tools like Zendesk, Asana, and Box. Now, Dialpad can be integrated into Hangouts Chat as well. Users can add the Dialpad bot from the Hangouts sidebar and interact with it one-on-one or in a room. The Dialpad bot enables users to send text messages, make calls, start conferences, turn on/off do not disturb mode, and switch between on duty and off duty status. For those already using Dialpad Meetings, the UberConference bot can be used to share conference invites with groups.

    Google Hangouts Chat is Google's latest venture into bridging the communication gap between teams. Built for the way you work, it's a new approach to team messaging.

    G Suite teams can message, share content, and integrate third-party integrations with tools like Zendesk, Asana, and Box. 

    And now you can integrate Dialpad right inside Hangouts Chat. 

    Add Dialpad & Dialpad Meetings Bots

    To get started, you'll need to search for and add the @Dialpad bot from your Hangouts sidebar. 


    Once added, you'll be able to interact with Dialpad bots 1:1 or after you've created a Room in Hangouts Chat. 

    Dialpad Commands

    Ready to start using @Dialpad and Hangouts Chat? Check out the available commands your team can start using: 

    @Dialpad text John on my way OR @Dialpad text John Smith: on my way


    Dialpad Bot displays your message, contact, and their number with the option to confirm before sending. When your recipient responds, the message will come into your Dialpad app. 

    If you're using both first and last name in your commands, make sure to use a colon after the last name.


    @Dialpad call Peter Waldorf


    Select Call to place a call via your Dialpad connected devices (meaning we'll ring out to all your connected devices so you can pick the one you want to use). 


    @Dialpad start conference


    This will post your Dialpad Meetings details to your chat (as long as you have a Dialpad Meetings account connected to your G Suite account). 


    @Dialpad turn on do not disturb OR @Dialpad turn off do not disturb



    @Dialpad go on duty OR @Dialpad go off duty


    This will switch you to either on duty or off duty if you've been assigned as an Agent or Operator on a shared line. 

    Dialpad Meetings Commands

    If you're already using Dialpad Meetings for your meetings, you can use the @UberConference bot to share your conference invite with your group plus an easy option to join. 


    Dialpad Tip:
    Use the command @UberConference help to grab a quick link to our Dialpad Meetings Help Center.

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