Dialpad + Front App
    • 21 May 2024
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    Dialpad + Front App

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    Dialpad has integrated with Front to provide an in-app dialer, allowing users to make and receive phone calls and handle texts without leaving Front. Users can view call and SMS history directly from their Front inbox. To enable the integration, users need to navigate to Settings > Integrations in Front and toggle on Dialpad. Once enabled, users can access Dialpad through the integrations panel on the left side of the screen. The Dialpad widget in Front also includes general app settings such as profile settings, caller ID toggle, and Do Not Disturb (DND) toggle. Users can make calls by navigating to Dialpad > Place A Call or by searching for a contact first. However, the integration only supports logging of calls, not messages.

    Dialpad’s integration with Front provides an in-app dialer so you can make and receive phone calls and handle texts without ever leaving Front. You can even view call and SMS history directly from your Front inbox.

    Let's take a look at how this integration between Front and Dialpad works.

    Who can use this feature
    Dialpad’s CTI integration within Front is available to customers on Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plans; however, the call logging feature is available only on the Pro and Enterprise plans as it requires a company-based API key.

    Front users can set up a Dialpad Inbox in Front using a company API key.

    To set up this integration, you'll do so through Front rather than through Dialpad.

    Enable the Integration

    • From Front, navigate to Settings > Integrations.
    • Find Dialpad in the list and select the toggle to enable the in-app Dialer, then select Save
    • Open the Dialpad plugin through your integrations panel to make or receive calls and send or receive SMS texts through your Dialpad number; you can also view call and text history with a specific Dialpad contact

    Like other integrations, you need to be a Front Admin in order to set up the integration.

    If you are on the Pro or Enterprise plan and would like to enable the integration with Call Logging in Front, you will need to be a Company Admin in Dialpad as well to get an API key.

    Use the Dialpad CTI in Front


    Once your Front Admin has enabled the integration, you should see Dialpad in your integrations panel to the left. Click on the Dialpad logo to login to your account and start making calls directly from Front.

    The Dialpad widget also houses general app settings that users will be familiar with using the desktop app. Those include:

    • Profile settings 
    • Caller ID toggle 
    • DND toggle 
    • If applied, Custom Off Duty Status' for Call Center
    • Call screen/search 

    Make a Call


    From Front, navigate to Dialpad (integrations panel) > Place A Call and enter a name or number.


    You can also search for a contact first, and then select the Phone icon in your conversation thread view.

    Don't forget, when you receive a call, you will need to click into the Dialpad CTI to answer.

    Send a Message

    From Front, navigate to Dialpad (integrations panel)Search icon to enter a name or number. You'll then select the Phone icon to start dialing.


    Set Yourself to Do Not Disturb (DND)

    From Front, navigate to Dialpad (integrations panel) > Your Profile > Do Not Disturb. Select Disable to turn off Do Not Disturb.


    Frequently asked questions 

    I am our Dialpad Admin, can I create additional Dialpad accounts from the Dialpad <> Front App integration?

    No, you will need to login to Dialpad.com and add users there. 

    Does the Front integration support logging Dialpad messages to Front?

    No, only calls.

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