Dialpad Release Notes for 21.11.01
  • 06 Jun 2023
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Dialpad Release Notes for 21.11.01

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Article Summary


We're always rolling out updates that contain new features and capabilities to ensure customers get the most of Dialpad.

Visit Dialpad's web portal to take advantage of the latest additions. You'll also discover some bug fixes to improve reliability. Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are made to live at the center of your business communications.

Let's take a look at what's new in this release for November 1, 2021.


Ai Voice

Integrating Dialpad Meetings into Dialpad

  • We're working on better integrating Dialpad Meetings into the Dialpad app experience. We recently made your meetings history available as a dedicated inbound tab and are also working on making meeting transcriptions discoverable via search.
  • When you turn on Vi for Dialpad Meetings, you can search a keyword in the Dialpad app and see Meetings where that phrase or keyword was transcribed.


Customizing Help Text

As a quick follow-up to the recent STOP/UNSTOP/HELP commands we added for SMS messages, we’ve added the ability for Company and Office Admins to customize the automated response when a recipient of a SMS replies with HELP.


Contact Center

Integrations: Salesforce

We now support custom off-duty statuses for Salesforce Omnichannel integration.


Improvements and fixes

Critical bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where coaching team trainees’ screen share links appeared to be sent from the company mainline instead of the trainee. 
  • Resolved Recording shared links.
  • Resolved transferred call list in the dashboard.
  • Resolved post-call wrap up issues.

Other improvements

  • We've also fixed some minor bugs, improving your overall experience with Dialpad. Happy Dialing!

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