Dialpad Release Notes for 21.11.15
    • 21 Jun 2023
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    Dialpad Release Notes for 21.11.15

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    We're always rolling out updates that contain new features and capabilities to ensure customers get the most of Dialpad.

    Visit Dialpad's web portal to take advantage of the latest additions. You'll also discover some bug fixes to improve reliability. Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are made to live at the center of your business communications.

    Let's take a look at what's new in this release for November 15, 2021.



    Listing all Call Center agent states for a given office

    We've developed a new API to list all the Contact Center Off Duty Statuses for a specified Office ID.


    Changing the Contact Center status of agents

    We've also released a new API that can be used to change the user’s Contact Center Status for a specified Contact Center and User ID —  it will use the states listed by the previous API as a parameter

    Contact Center

    Geographic Routing

    If you have a Pro or Enterprise Contact Center license, you now have access to geographic routing. Woohoo!

    Integrations: Zoho

     If you're using Zoho CRM, good news: you can now integrate it with the Dialpad app. Dialpad contacts will be matched with Zoho/Account/Contact/Lead/Vendor information. The integration will also log calls and create new contacts/leads for calls from unknown numbers.  


    • We've updated the Call Count Breakdown diagram to show callback statistics when filtering by individual users (where applicable).
    • Removed exports related to Agent Status from the Service Level tab. These exports will only show on the Agent Status tab now, as they already were.
    • Addressed a bug where missed call events used an incorrect timestamp in the call journey.

    Improvements and fixes

    Critical bug fixes

    • Resolved Statistics API issues.
    • Updated the “copy share link” to a button.
    • Resolved agent status and heatmap graph issues.
    • Resolved Salesforce syncing issues.
    • Resolved Vi Prediction issues in Contact Center.

    Other improvements

    • We've also fixed some minor bugs, improving your overall experience with Dialpad. Happy Dialing!

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