E911 Emergency Services
    • 16 Apr 2024
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    E911 Emergency Services

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    When creating a Dialpad account, users are required to confirm their E911 address, which is part of the 911 system that helps emergency response teams locate callers. Admins must provide an E911 location when signing up, and team members also need to confirm their E911 location. E911 locations can be set at the office and individual user levels. Users can edit their office and personal E911 locations through the Dialpad website. Emergency contacts and admins receive notifications when E911 locations change or when someone calls emergency services. Default settings determine who receives these notifications, but they can be customized. Room phones also have E911 locations that can be updated or reviewed through the Dialpad website. Dialpad offers a 933 service for testing connectivity to emergency services before making live 911 calls. E911 service incurs a cost that is included in the monthly invoice.

    When you create your Dialpad account, you’ll be asked to confirm your E911 address.

    E911 stands for Enhanced 911, and it’s part of the 911 system that automatically ties a location to the call —  ensuring emergency response teams can locate you in case you call for urgent assistance.

    Let's dive into the details.

    Who can use this feature
    E911 dialing for emergency services via Dialpad is available on all plans.

    Set your E911 location

    Admins must provide an E911 location when they sign up with Dialpad. 

    This address must be a physical location, a PO box cannot be used as an E911 address. 

    When team members first access their Dialpad accounts, they will also be asked to confirm their E911 location.

    E911 locations can be set at the office level and the individual user level.  

    Contact Center agents without their own numbers cannot change their E911 location. Their E911 address will automatically be set to match the E911 of their office.

    Edit Office E911 location

    To edit your office E911 location, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com 

    1. Select Office Settings
    2. Navigate to Registered Location for Emergency Calls
    3. Select Edit
    4. Enter the new E911 address
    5. Choose which team members you'd like the edited E911 number to apply to
      1. You can apply it to all existing team members, only new team members, or all team members using the default office address
    6. Select Verify Address

    Edit personal E911 location

    To edit your personal E911 location, head to Your Settings from Dialpad.com 

    1. Navigate to For Your Safety
    2. Select Edit beside the E911 address
    3. Enter the new address
    4. Select Apply Changes
    5. Confirm the new address

    Emergency notifications

    Emergency contacts and admins will receive notifications when their Offices change E911 locations as well as when someone calls emergency services from Dialpad.

    To edit or review who will be notified, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com 

    1. Select Office Settings
    2. Navigate to Registered Location for Emergency Calls
    3. Select View/Edit beside how many people will be notified

    A popup will open, displaying who your current notification contacts are, and their notification methods (email, SMS or call).

    • To add a new emergency contact, select Add emergency contact
    • To remove an emergency contact, select Remove

    Emergency notifications include the user who called emergency services, the number they dialed, and the time of the call.

    Change of address notifications

    Default settings for change of address notifications are:

    • Company Administrators: Notified for every Office
    • Regional Administrators: Notified for their regional Office(s)
    • Office Administrators: Notified for their specific Office

    Want to adjust who is being notified? Reach out to our Support Team to customize your notification preferences. 

    E911 room phone settings

    Room phones also have E911 locations. 

    To update or review your room phone's E911 location, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com 

    1. Select Office 
    2. Select Desk Phones
    3. Beside the desired phone, select Options 
    4. Select Edit
    5. Navigate to Registered Emergency Services Location
    6. Select Edit
    7. Enter the new address
    8. Select Verify and confirm the changes

    Test your E911 location

    The 933 service is a courtesy text-to-speech service that Dialpad offers as part of our 911 package. It’s intended to be used during the onboarding process to test connectivity to emergency services for the 911 service before making live 911 calls. When an end user dials 933, it will return the phone number and address provisioned in the portal.


    Although the 933 service is available anytime (please limit to 1 call per minute), it isn't meant to be used as a fully functional address verification service. To verify the full address, it's best to check the provisioned address directly in the portal or via the API call. The 933 readback messages are also available via email notifications.

    The 933 service only applies to phone numbers in the US and Canada.

    When you make a 933 call, the service will read the number you’re calling from and the address that was provisioned for that number. If the address isn’t the one you configured, please update the appropriate office, user or room phone.

    A 933 call resulting in an error code indicates an issue preventing the location from being provisioned. Depending on the issue, the message may provide additional details to help identify the root cause.


    Response Message



    “You have reached the 911 Address Validation Service. You are calling from [1+number]. Your 911 address is [text-to-speech of Address_Line_1, Address_Line_2, City, State, Zip, CountryCode]. Your 911 service is active.”

    The phone was correctly installed and the 911 information was properly provisioned. No further action is needed. 


    "You have reached the 911 Address Validation Service. You are calling from [1+number]. There is no record found matching this telephone number. The 911 PSAP routing service for the number you are calling from is not active, and a 911 call would be routed to the national Emergency Contact Center. Please contact your service provider immediately to configure your 911 service. Reference code 1A.

    The phone number wasn’t found because no endpoint record exists for it. Please confirm the location for this user/device, and re-test. Contact Dialpad Support for further details.

    Frequently asked questions 

    Can I use E911 via Dialpad on a mobile device?

    Yes. If you call 911 from the Dialpad mobile app, the call will be handed over to your local dialer.

    Is there a cost for E911 service?

    Yes. E911 service is required by the federal government and you'll see this fee on your monthly invoice, alongside other taxes and fees.

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