Australia Porting Guide
    • 13 Feb 2024
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    Australia Porting Guide

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    This guide provides information on how to port a number from Australia using Dialpad. The supported number types for porting include geographic numbers, toll-free numbers, and mobile numbers. To complete the port request, Dialpad requires certain documents such as a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and the latest invoice from the current carrier. The standard lead time for a port request is 20 business days for CAT A port for geographic numbers, 40 business days for CAT C port for geographic numbers, 15 business days for toll-free numbers, and 5 business days for mobile numbers. The requirements for porting include providing the full list of phone numbers with country codes, a signed LOA by the person with administrative rights, and the current address where the numbers are registered. It is important to read and follow all instructions before submitting the port request.

    Need to port a number from Australia? This guide will walk you through the process.

    Supported number types

    Dialpad can port the following Australian number (AU +61) types:

    • Geographic Number 
    • Toll-Free Number 
    • Mobile Number 

    Required documents

    In order to complete your port request, Dialpad requires the following documents. 

    • LOA
    • Latest Invoice from the current carrier

    Document list

    Click the links below to obtain the LOA for your port request.

    How long will it take?

    The standard lead time (SLT) for a port request is:

    • 20 business days for CAT-A port for geographic numbers
    • 40 business days for for CAT-C port for geographic numbers  
    • 15 business days for toll-free numbers
    • 5 business days for mobile numbers
    Additional time is added if there is a rejection for missing/incorrect information.

    Porting requirements

    • The full list of phone numbers you want to port including the country code
    • The LOA must be signed by the person who has administrative rights on the account with the current carrier.
    • The current address where the numbers are registered. This address must be in the relevant geographic zone as the numbers you are porting.

    Before submitting your port request, be sure to read the following:

    • Account number for toll-free (TF) numbers has to be provided as well as wholesale account numbers for “C” (complex) category ports 
      • CAT-A type ports are single numbers (having no association with any other numbers nor advanced features like hunt group, ISDN).
      • CAT-C is pretty much everything else. It is not uncommon to have single numbers going as CAT-C for the above reasons.
    • Only the losing Service Provider/Carrier can determine if a single number is CAT-A.
    • All numbers that you own with your current carrier must be ported.  If you only want to port a subset of services you need to first work with your current carrier to ‘disassociate’ the numbers you want to keep – so they are in a separate account.
    • When a CAT-C port is submitted understand that you will be porting over all services in your account.
    • If you know or decide you don’t want some of the numbers on your current account, please let us know so that we can notify our carrier to  remove the numbers from your account & send them back to the original/owning carrier (numbers go into quarantine for a period of 6-12 months. If you decide you want the numbers back you will need to work directly with the owning carrier.)
    • Dialpad nor our carrier has any view into how your account and numbers are set-up/associated…that will need to be determined by you and your current provider.

    For MOBILE port requests

    • The Dialpad Porting team will submit your mobile port request to our carrier partner and within 2 business days they will prepare the port request to be sent to your current provider and provide Dialpad with a tentative port date. We will share this date with you so please be prepared for your numbers to port on that date. 
    • You may request a specific port date.
    • On the tentative port date, your current provider will validate the account number listed for each number on the LOA you filled out. If the information matches, they will approve the port request and the numbers will begin porting at that time. We won’t know if your port request is rejected or approved until we get to the day of cutover.
    • Mobile number porting is carried-out between 10-11am Monday to Friday AEST (excluding public holidays).

    Possible port rejection reasons

    While we do our best to prevent it, it does sometimes happen that a port request is rejected. The most common rejection reasons are noted below. As you can see, details matter and this is why we ask you to triple-check all the information you provided before submitting your port request. 

    • Incorrect end user name
    • Incorrect service address
    • Incorrect or missing account number
    • Requested number is inactive
    • Wrong port category

    Porting checklist

    • LOA is filled out, dated, and signed
    • Latest invoice from current carrier
    • All numbers are active with your current carrier
    • All numbers in your account are porting over or you’ve disassociated them from the other numbers in your account with your current provider
    • You’ve provided a desired port date in compliance with the SLT (*Dialpad will do its best to meet this date but there is no guarantee.) If no date is provided we will port the numbers ASAP.


    We charge a one-time porting fee for Australia. For more information please reach out to [email protected]

    More information

    Be sure to read our Porting FAQs for more information on the porting process.

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