Using HubSpot with Dialpad
  • 22 Jun 2023
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Using HubSpot with Dialpad

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Article Summary

Dialpad’s integration with HubSpot Sales Hub improves users’ productivity by auto logging inbound and outbound calls to HubSpot and by giving users the ability to log notes and save tasks against contacts. Recent HubSpot activity is shown on the sidebar in the Dialpad app. 

Who Can Use This Feature
Dialpad’s integration with HubSpot Sales Hub is currently available to Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Sales, and Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Dialpad Tip:
Dialpad allows users on HubSpot Sales Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise to use this integration.

Matching Dialpad Contacts to Hubspot Contacts

Dialpad searches HubSpot for contacts that match either the phone number, email, or contact name of the person calling into Dialpad. 

In order to find a phone number match in Dialpad, HubSpot contacts need to be saved in a local format or e164 format. 

No Contact Found

If there are 0 matches, we automatically create new contacts with the caller ID information in HubSpot and we log the call to the new contact created. 

Single Contact Found

If a single match is found on HubSpot, Dialpad automatically matches that contact and logs the call. Clicking on "View Contact" opens up the contact page in HubSpot Sales Hub.


Multiple Contacts Found

If multiple matches are found on HubSpot, Dialpad will create a new contact in HubSpot and log the call to that NEW contact. 

If you would not like a new contact created when multiple matches are found, reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

At this time, we can disable auto-creation when there are multiple matches, but we cannot disable auto-contact creation when there are no matches found.

Creating New Hubspot Contacts from Dialpad

Users can click on Create HubSpot Contact to create contacts in HubSpot from Dialpad.


Unmatching HubSpot Contacts

Users can unmatch a HubSpot contact from a Dialpad contact to either match against a different HubSpot contact or create a new HubSpot contact by clicking on Wrong Contact.


Logging Calls to HubSpot

After a HubSpot contact has matched against a Dialpad contact, the sidebar will automatically log calls to the contact. 


Users can still update the call and set the Deal, add notes, and log Dispositions during or after the call. 

Calls made to users in the same company are not logged to HubSpot.

Logging Notes and Tasks to HubSpot

Users can log notes or tasks against contacts while not on calls by clicking on Log Notes or Log Tasks 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a way to log SMS/texts to HubSpot?

Not at this time. Logging SMS/text will not work with HubSpot as they do not yet have a 'text message/sms' activity within their core logging.

Does Dialpad store data from HubSpot locally?

No, Dialpad makes API calls to HubSpot to fetch contact and activity information. Data is not stored locally.

Do I need to select a contact match to log calls?

Yes, you need to match against a contact for call logging to work for that contact.

What format does a number need to be in for click-to-call to work?

Numbers need to be in an e164 format.

Are canceled calls logged in HubSpot?

Yes; however, calls made and canceled within 5 seconds will not be logged in HubSpot. Only calls made and canceled after 5 seconds will be logged.

Are missed calls without voicemails logged to HubSpot?

No, missed calls without voicemails are not logged to HubSpot.

Why don’t I see deals for this call? 

Dialpad searches for HubSpot Deals only if there is a deal that is tied to the contact. If a deal is not visible in the dropdown, please check HubSpot and verify whether the contact has the deal.

Can I set a deadline for a task from Dialpad? 

Unfortunately, the HubSpot API for Tasks does not allow the selection of a Date field.

Who can access recordings in HubSpot?

HubSpot will use the same permissions as Dialpad, meaning that this structure applies:

  • Company Admins can see all calls within their company and access automatic recordings from Shared Lines (Departments, Call Centers, and Coaching Groups); they can also access the Ai Call Summaries for these calls.
  • Office Admins can see all calls within their Main Line, Departments, Call Centers, and Coaching Groups and access automatic recordings from these Shared Lines; they can also access the Ai Call Summaries for these calls.
  • Department and Contact Center Admins can see all calls within their respective Departments and Call Centers and access automatic recordings from them; they can also access Ai Call Summaries for these calls. 
  • Coaching Group Coaches can see all calls for their trainees and access automatic recordings; they can also access Ai Call Summaries for these calls.
  • Users can see all their own personal calls and access personal call recordings; they can also access Ai Call Summaries for these calls.

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