How to Request a New Caller ID Name
  • 11 Dec 2023
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How to Request a New Caller ID Name

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Article Summary

Need to add a caller ID display name to your number? Dialpad makes it easy for company admins to update their own and their team’s caller IDs.

Let's take a look at the details.

Who can use this feature

Company admins on Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Sales and Contact Center plans can change their team's caller ID displays.

This feature is only available for local American and Canadian numbers. 

Request a new caller ID name

To request a new caller ID name, head to your Admin Settings at

  1. Select My Company
  2. Navigate to CNAM Updates
  3. Download the CSV template
  4. Fill out the CSV template (you’ll need the phone number and desired display text)
  5. Upload the CSV

CSV uploads are validated against the restricted words and swearwords lists — this prevents updates using profanities or even other companies’ names. If you submit a request that includes restricted verbiage, you will receive an error message. 

Your CSV file must include the following:

  1. Number
  2. Desired display name

While we respect your creativity, there are some parameters that your display name needs to follow:

  • The display text must be no more than 15 characters (including spaces)
  • No special characters 
  • No Toll-Free numbers (they are not supported by CNAM)

When choosing your name, be mindful that it will be displayed in all capitals. 

If you went through this process and your caller name is still not displaying properly, please open a ticket with our Porting Team.

Caller ID name limitations

Even though your caller ID name change was successful, there are some known curve-balls that are outside of our control. 

  • Due to the frequency of carrier CNAM dips, one user may state that some customers see the correct name while another customer may not. Dialpad does not have any control over this. 
  • CNAM support for mobile numbers depends on the mobile carrier. If the receiving party is a mobile number whose carrier does not support CNAM, only the number will be displayed.
  • CNAM support for all numbers is contingent upon the called party’s provider supporting this service (wireless, wireline, or VoIP).
  • Caller ID name can include both letters and numbers, but it cannot consist solely of numbers.
  • When the outbound caller ID is set to blocked, the call recipient will see UNKNOWN or ANONYMOUS as the caller ID/caller name.
  • Toll-free numbers are not supported and cannot be used for outbound caller ID names. When the outbound caller ID is set to a toll-free number, only the number will be displayed.
  • By default, the destination carriers may display the rate center, and locality of the caller's number instead, where no CNAM value is found.
  • Only local Canadian (CA) and American (USA) numbers are supported at this time

Frequently asked questions 

How come my caller ID name does not always show up?

Unlike local number portability (LNP), caller ID is not regulated by a governing body and there is no requirement that a particular carrier must look up the CNAM (called a CNAM Dip). If the carriers have not "dipped" since your caller ID was changed, your old caller ID will be displayed. Dialpad has no control over how often a carrier performs a CNAM dip.

Why doesn't my caller ID name show up if I call a mobile number?

The industry-wide CNAM service is not generally used by wireless carriers. If you dial a wireless/mobile device, your CNAM may not display on their device. The only way around this is if the subscriber includes the name as a contact in their phone book.

Why doesn't my caller ID name show up when I call from our 1-800 number?

Toll-free numbers are not supported by CNAM. When the outbound caller ID is set to a toll-Free number, only the number will display. 

How long does it take for my new CNAM to be activated? 

In the Dialpad system, your new caller ID is implemented immediately. However, it may take quite some time (7-10 business days or more) for the National Registry to update. Local carriers in the United States perform a CNAM Dip to get a new list of CNAM matched to numbers, and due to the cost, many carriers do not "dip" very often.

How do I know if my caller ID request was successful?

Once your caller ID request has been submitted, you'll see a green pop-up on your screen stating your CSV was successfully uploaded.


For more information on caller ID, be sure to read through this helpful article.

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