Assign Executive Assistant Pairings
  • 08 Sep 2023
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Assign Executive Assistant Pairings

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Article Summary

Do you have an Executive Assistant? With Dialpad's Executive Assistant (EA) Pairing feature, you can assign a team member to handle all of your incoming calls, schedule meetings, help you manage your call volume, or screen your calls.

Let's dive into the details.   

Who can use this feature

Executive Assistant Pairings are available to Dialpad Ai Voice and Ai Sales customers.

If you're on a mixed license account or Ai Contact Center license, Users who have a Contact Center license will not be able to be part of an Executive Assistant Pairing. 

Who can create executive assistant pairings? 

Once an Executive Assistant pairing is made, the User designated as an Assistant can accept calls on the Executive's behalf for calls to their direct line only. Shared line calls will not go through to the assistant. 

Be to read this Help Center article about working as an Executive Assistant.

Add an EA pairing - Admin 

If you're an Admin, adding a new EA pairing couldn't be easier. 

  • Navigate to Office Settings
  • Select Office Settings
  • Navigate to Executive Assistant
  • Select Add new executive assistant pair 
  • Enter the name of the Executive
  • Enter the name of the Assistant  
  • Select Add

If your account is on a Pro or Enterprise plan, you can also choose to allow the Assistant permission to view the Executive's Voicemails, Transcripts, and/or Recordings. 

Add an EA pairing - User

As a Dialpad User, you can create an EA pairing for yourself, or submit a request to become an Assistant.

To start, head to Your Settings from 

  1. Navigate to Executive Assistant 
  2. Choose between adding an Assistant or adding an Executive
  3. ">Select the person from your company and assign their permissions
    • If you are on a Standard Ai Voice plan, the options to prevent access to Voicemails, Transcripts, and Recordings will not appear
  4. Select Send Request 

Once you send the request, the Assistant and/or Executive will have to approve the pairing before you'll start receiving calls on their behalf.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the executive assistant feature work on my tablet too?

Yes! This feature works across all Dialpad-connected devices.

Does the executive assistant feature cost extra?

Nope, this is a standard business feature that’s available across all Dialpad plans.

How many executive assistant pairings can exist in my Dialpad account?

You can have up to 25 executive assistant pairings per plan.

Can an executive have more than one assistant?

Yes, you can have several assistants per executive.

Can one assistant field phone calls for multiple executives?

Yes, one assistant can field calls on behalf of multiple executives. Just keep in mind that the maximum of 25 pairings per office — each of these will count towards that limitation.

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