Manage IVR Media
    • 25 Oct 2023
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    Manage IVR Media

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    The content explains how to access and manage media files for IVR workflows. Users can easily view, delete, and copy media files from the Media tab. The Media tab provides information about the audio files, such as when they were uploaded, updated, and how many IVR workflows they are applied to. Users can play the media files and see who replaced them if necessary. The number of connections indicates which IVR workflow contains the media file. Users can copy the media file's URL for reuse or delete it if not in use. Grayed-out file names indicate corrupted files that should be replaced immediately. Archiving functionality is not available, so users need to save files manually if they want to use them later. Deletion of media files is permanent and cannot be undone. Multiple media files cannot be deleted simultaneously at this time.

    Easily see all media (mp3 recordings) that have been uploaded or recorded for use in your IVR Workflows. 

    From the Media tab, you can not only delete and copy the file, but also see which audio files are being used where, when they were uploaded and updated and how many IVR workflows they are applied to.

    Let’s dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature
    IVR Workflows are available to Dialpad Users on all plans and licenses.

    Access IVR media files

    To access your IVR media, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to IVR workflows
    2. Select Media to access the Media tab
    3. Here, you can easily sort your media by name, number of connections, who it was uploaded by and the date it was uploaded or modified
    4. Click the media file name to play the file

    If the upload and modified date are different, this means that someone has replaced the original media file. If you’d like to see who replaced the file, please reach out to Customer Support for log details. 

    Media files that are used in an Expert Workflow do not appear on the Media tab. To make changes to media in an Expert flow, please reach out to your Solutions Architect.

    Media connections

    Select the number of connections to see which IVR workflow contains the media file. 

    Select the name of the IVR workflow to open the IVR workflow in a new tab. 

    Copy media file

    Copy a media file to use it again in a different workflow. 

    Select the purple copy icon to copy the media file’s URL to your clipboard. Open the URL to download the file. 

    Delete media file

    If the media file is not in use (the number of connections is 0) the file can be deleted.

    To delete a media file:

    1. Navigate to the desired file
    2. Select the trashcan
    3. Select Delete to confirm 

    Be careful, deletion is permanent — we cannot restore deleted media files!

    Frequently asked questions

    Why are some of my media file names gray?

    If the name of your media file is gray (not purple) this means the file is corrupted and should be replaced immediately. 

    What if I want to archive a media file to be used later?

    Archive functionality is not currently offered. If you want to save a file for later use, you can copy the URL, download the file and save on your device. 

    Don’t forget, once a media file is deleted, it cannot be restored. 

    Why can’t I delete every media file?

    If the delete icon is grayed out, this means that the media file is in use and cannot be deleted. Media files can only be deleted if they are not actively being used in an IVR workflow. 

    Can I delete multiple media files at once?

    Not at this time. 

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