Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning (FAQs)

We have Lightning on Sandbox—does this integration work with that?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Does this work with the Professional edition of Salesforce?


Which Salesforce editions are compatible with this integration?

Enterprise and Unlimited, as well as editions that have API access.

Additionally, automatic call logging is subject to your instances API call limits. As a Salesforce Admin you can go to Setup>Monitor>System Overview to verify current API call limits. 

If no notes are added, does the call still log?

Yes. Even if your caller doesn't answer, a Task will still be created to capture your outbound call.

Which browsers are supported?

Right now, Chrome is the only supported browser.

Can I use a call recording system with this integration?

Dialpad actually offers the ability to record your calls at no extra charge. This feature is available for all plan types. 

Does Dialpad offer call analytics within Salesforce?

Not at this time.

Does this integration have voicemail capabilities?

Yes. Similarly to call recording, when you leave a voicemail you'll see it added as a .mp3 link in the Notes of your activity.  

Does the Agent have to click the Record button to record calls?

Not necessarily. This will depend on what your Administrator has set for Agents.

What can I log a call against?

Currently, you can log a call against:

  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Cases