Call Transfer FAQs

Transferring a call is more than just knowing what buttons to push on your telephone system.

Let's go over some common questions regarding call transferring. 

Can I transfer to a number outside of my Company?

This depends on whether you're making or receiving the call. If you receive a call and then need to transfer your caller, you can transfer to a # outside of your Company. You'll just need to make sure that your Admin has enabled this office-wide feature.

The # will have to be associated with a Dialpad account, i.e. another Department, CallCenters, Dialpad Team Member, Room Phone, etc. 

If you're making the call and then transferring your caller, you can't transfer to a # outside of your Company if you are on a Standard Plan. If you are on a Pro or Enterprise plan, reach out to our Support Team to enable this feature.  

Are transferred calls recorded?

If you have auto-recording turned on, Department or Call Center calls transferred to another Dialpad user in your company will be recorded from beginning to end if you use "Ask First" (Warm Transfer). If you use "Transfer Now" (Blind Transfer) or transfer the call to a number external to Dialpad, only the first part of the call prior to transfer will be recorded.

If someone calls my Toll Free number and the call is transferred to an external number, will my calling credits continue to be used once the call is transferred?

Yes, your credits will continue to be used. Calls to Toll-Free numbers will be charged per minute used post transfer.


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