Create a Contact Center

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Contact Centers provide teams with more flexibility and many more advanced features than Departments.

Features include:

Let's take a look at how to create or duplicate a new Contact Center. 

Create a Contact Center

To create a Contact Center, first head to your Admin Settings at

  1. Navigate to Call Centers
  2. Click Add a Call Center
  3. Name the Call Center, then select Create


Dialpad launches an overview of the newly-created Contact Center within your organization.

You're then able to add an abbreviation representing the Contact Center as well as local, toll-free, and fax numbers and IVR and Voicemail Language settings.

Shared Lines such as a Department can have up to 30 numbers (local or toll-free) each.

Duplicate a Contact Center

Need to create a new Contact Center, with the same parameters as your current call center? Worry not, we’ve made it nice and easy to duplicate a Contact Center.

First, head to your Admin Settings from 

  1. Under the ‘Call Centers’ section on the sidebar, select the call center that you wish to duplicate
  2. Click ‘Duplicate’


A ‘Duplicate Call Center’ pop-up will appear where you can update the office, Call Center name, enter a description, and choose between copying all agents, or only some.



If you are a Company Admin, you can duplicate the call center across all offices.  

If you are an Office Admin you will only have the option to duplicate the call center in the office in which you are an administrator.


Agent Selection 

When choosing users for the new call center, there are two choices:

  • ‘Copy all agents and admins’ will copy the agents, supervisors, and call center admins assigned to the original Call Center being duplicated.  
  • ‘Select agents and admins’ gives you the choice of which agents, supervisors, and call center admins to duplicate to the new call center. 

When selecting agents, a new pop-up window will open with the least of all assigned agents, supervisors and call center admins to the original call center,

It displays the user’s name, email address, and role within the original call center.


Select the agents and click ‘Duplicate’

A ‘Duplication in Progress’ notification will appear. 


Once the duplication is complete, a ‘Duplication Successful’ banner will appear and you will be taken directly to the new duplicated call center.


Depending on the number of agents and admins duplicated from the original Call Center, it may take a few more seconds to fully bring over the agents and admins after the settings have been duplicated. 

If that process takes a little longer, the admin will see a second pop ‘All selected Agents and Admins are successfully duplicated’


The Admin will see the same notification pop-ups as the duplication is in progress and complete.

Office parameters

When duplicating a call center within the same office the following settings will not be duplicated:

  1. DIDs
  2. Fax Numbers
  3. Verified Numbers
  4. Integration Settings

When duplicating a call center to another office the following settings will not be duplicated:

  1. DIDs
  2. Fax Numbers
  3. Verified Numbers
  4. Integration Settings
  5. Customer IVRs
  6. Applied CSAT Surveys
  7. Call Dispositions


For information on managing your Contact Center, be sure to review this article.