Screen Share Breaks on Chrome

Users with a pending Chrome update who attempt to share their screen while on Meetings in Chrome on macOS, see that their screen sharing breaks or stops working.

The cause is due to a bug with how Chrome introduces pending updates. Upgrading will remove the pending update and resetting permissions will then restore permissions. 

Affected Users

  • macOS
  • Chrome v 98.0.4758.132, 99.0.4844.74, 100.0.4896.45, 101.0.4929.5, 101.0.4933.0
  • Screen Sharing on Google Chrome

Steps to Fix

  1. Go to System Preferences Security & Privacy Privacy Tab Screen Recording.
  2. Click the lock labeled Click the lock to make changes.
  3. When prompted, enter an admin username and password.
  4. If it’s already checked, uncheck the box for Google Chrome in the list on the right side.
  5. If prompted, choose Later.
  6. Check the same box for Google Chrome that you just unchecked.
  7. If prompted, choose Quit & Reopen.

Additional Information

For more information on this bug, see Chromium Bug 1306930 and 1307502.

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