Dialpad Release Notes for 22.01.14

  • Updated


We're always rolling out updates that contain new features and capabilities to ensure customers get the most of Dialpad.

Visit Dialpad's web portal to take advantage of the latest additions. You'll also discover some bug fixes to improve reliability. Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are made to live at the center of your business communications.

Let's look at what's new in this release for January 14, 2022.

Improvements and Fixes

Ai Voice

  • We've added badge counts to the Inbox row in the left bar of your desktop app, this serves as a notification for all unread items

Voice Intelligence

  • More precise RTA and Custom Moment matching algorithm - we've moved away from "sound-based" matching which historically led to false positives on things like "cache" and "cash". The new algorithm now matches precisely on the words themselves enabling more consistent performance. 

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Addressed and fixed an issue with the inability to remove users from the recording exclusions list
  • Addressed and fixed an issue for call center agents receiving a new inbound call when they have an existing call on hold.

Other Improvements

We've also fixed some minor bugs, improving your overall experience with Dialpad. Happy Dialing!