Salesforce CTI and Chrome Click-to-Call

Looking to get the Dialpad Click-to-Call Chrome Extension working with Salesforce Lightning? Follow the steps laid out in the article below, and you'll be up and going in no time. 

How Do I Set Up Salesforce Lightning and Click-to-Call?

When using the Google Chrome extension for Click-to-Call and Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning, you will need to make a change in the Chrome Extension settings to enable click-to-call within Salesforce.

Before you do so though, you'll want to check the following:

  • Confirm your extension (available here) is installed in Chrome.
  • Confirm you have access to Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning.

When both of these are configured and installed, you might be unable to click a number in Salesforce to start a call.  The numbers will be blanked out or appear white (see below)


This is due to both the Salesforce backend and Dialpad Click-to-Call Extension competing to add calling features to the phone number.

No worries, you can easily resolve this, by adding to the Dialpad Extension exception list.

  1. In Chrome, right click on the Dialpad Extension and select Options.
  2. Add to the Website Exceptions and click Save.
  3. Refresh your Salesforce window/tab. You should now be able to see phone numbers on the Salesforce page and utilize the integration's click to dial features! 



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