Post Call Matching Contacts & Logging Calls to Salesforce

A lot of times, calls fail to log to Salesforce because of no (or multiple) matching records found in Salesforce for the Dialpad contact. Due to this, any agent calls that fail to log to Salesforce can be retroactively matched and logged to Salesforce to maintain an accurate history of call activities in the CRM system.

There is no extra setup needed to be able to match and log unlogged calls retroactively in Salesforce. In your Dialpad App, navigate to the "Unlogged" tab in your call center or personal inbox.


The calls that failed to automatically log to Salesforce during the actual time of the call will appear here.

Agents will just need to click on the "Connect" hyperlink to find the matching records from Salesforce for the Dialpad contact, and then select the correct match from the options presented and hit the "Connect & Log" button to log the call to the Salesforce CRM. 


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