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More than half of app users report that switching between apps makes it harder to get work done. So,  we built the Dialpad CTI Chrome Extension.

This extension allows agents to access a ‘mini’ version of the Dialpad client while they are on specific websites, such as Salesforce or Hubspot, as long as it was configured by a company admin. This feature helps users like you to remain active in the products and services you use every day, while still being able to access Dialpad for answering & placing calls, sending & receiving messages, managing their call center availability/status, and more. 

This guide offers instructions about where to download the CTI Chrome Extension and how an admin can set it up for their company.


Let's get into the details of the CTI Chrome Extension.

Who can use this feature?

The Chrome CTI Extension is available to users on Pro and Enterprise plans. 

Downloading the CTI Chrome Extension

To download the Dialpad CTI Chrome Extension (available for Chrome 88 and above) just visit the Chrome Web Store link below.


Configuring the CTI Chrome Extension for your Company/Office

Before your company and users start utilizing the CTI Chrome Extension, it needs to be configured by your Dialpad Company/Super Admin. The Admin will need to enable the extension and determine which websites it will be allowed to be used with.

If you are not a Company Admin/Super Admin, please contact your Company Admin or your Dialpad Representative in case you need to enable such permissions for one of your users. If you are a Company Admin, you can configure the Chrome extension by following the steps below:

  1. Visit https://dialpad.com/officeintegrations. Select Access your Office > Integrations page in the Dialpad Application. 
  2. Once you spot the Dialpad Chrome CTI, click on Options > Configure.
  3. Click on Edit and then on the Office Presets dropdown and Enable the CTI Extension.
  4. In the Domain and Service Name fields, enter the URL and Service Name (any name to identify the domain, no spaces or special characters) of the website you want to allow the extension to be used on by your agents/users and click Add URL. You can enter as many URLs or domains as you like, as long as each one has a different service name. Service name will be used to identify your setting, so make sure it’s plain text, no spaces, and descriptive of the URL or domain that it was added with.

    Note: Please allow up to 6 hours for the settings to take effect for your company and users.

Using the CTI Chrome Extension

Once the CTI Chrome Extension has been installed, when you click the extension icon for the first time, you will be prompted to login. As long as your Company/Office Dialpad Admin has enabled the extension for you Company/Office, you'll be able to login with your Dialpad credentials and start using the extension!




Once you're logged in, you can open up the extension by clicking on the extension’s icon in the Chrome menu bar.


Next you'll need to click Launch CTI. 



From there, the extension will pop up whenever you're on a page or website that your Admin configured for your Company/Office.  If you close the CTI, or when you come in the next day, just follow the two steps above to get the extension to pop up again. 



I’m logged in but can’t open the CTI. Why is that?

This is usually related to your Company/Office settings not being refreshed on the CTI.

Make sure your allowed websites are added to the Company/Office settings in advance and your current webpage matches the allowed websites. After any changes are made to the Company/Office CTI Extension settings, these will be refreshed automatically after 6 hours.

If the page you are currently trying to open the CTI Extension on matches the CTI Extension Company/Office settings, it should be granted access to that page after the refresh. You can also force refresh the settings by logging out of Dialpad and the CTI and logging back in. This will cause the extension to pull the new settings on startup.Finally, it's possible that it could also be related to the User specific integrations settings. To verify user integrations settings, navigate to Dialpad Office > Users > Options > Calling > Configure Integrations. Once the settings drawer opens, make sure CTI Chrome Extension is marked to Use Office Settings. User Settings will override the configuration made for the Office, which may explain why the extension was not detected.


How do wildcards work?

Wild cards can be used as replacements for domain prefixes such as app.hubspot.com.  By inserting a *. (for example, *.hubspot.com) the CTI Extension will be granted permissions for the entire hubspot.com domain. Wildcards at the end of the domain will not work though (for example regionalized domains such as zoho.au, zoho.com).  For these, please add each domain individually.


What is a Service Name?

Service Names are used to identify your individual domains. This allows the CTI to keep multiple instances active on different pages in the same browser session. Because of this duplicated Service Names are not allowed. Please make sure your Service Name is a simple identifier with no spaces or special characters.


I still can’t get my CTI Extension to work. Who should I reach out to for help?

Please email api@dialpad.com and our API team will be happy to look into it! 

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