Understanding when the Dialpad Self Service Widget is Being Used

Can I see which content is viewed the most?

The impression analysis, accessed by navigating: Dashboard>Knowledge>Impression analysis, breaks down the node activity by total number of impressions by responses and content.


Can I see where customers are opening the widget?

Analyzing engagement data


On this tab we can see the entry pages where conversations have been started and questions asked. This can indicate to the client specific processes on their platform where customers may be having problems regularly, perhaps prompting the client to look at the UX in these instances.

Using contextual tooltips

We are able to deploy proactive tooltips on the page to help guide customers where they may be experiencing difficulties. 



Can I see where customers are closing the widget?

Analyzing completion data


We break down exits from the widget by search result success, and then show the type of nodes for those exits that have occurred after an answer to assess the usefulness of the responses provided to the customer.

We also break down the total number of impressions and click through percentages on links provided.

Identifying automation opportunities

The automations tab identifies where the escalations are occurring the most and indicates where automation could be suggested to further boost the deflection rate either with configurable features included in the widget or additional RPA’s/web extensions.


Where can I see CX metric data?

Dashboard>CX Metrics

CX metric data gives a breakdown and clearer indication of customer satisfaction to the knowledge manager where deployed.


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