Enable Google Single Sign-On for Team Members

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Use G Suite in your organization? Admins can enable Google Single Sign-On (SSO) for team members.

Let's take a look at how this works. 

Enable Google SSO

To enable Google SSO for Dialpad Meetings, head to your Dialpad Meetings dashboard.

  1. Select Team
  2. Navigate to Team Settings
  3. Select the 'Require users to sign in with Google SSO' toggle
  4. Verify that your organization has Google Apps, then confirm all changes.




Once enabled, will all my Users have SSO?

Once enabled, any new additions to your Dialpad Meetings team will need a matching domain to the Dialpad Meetings Admin. 

Users will be required to sign in (or sign up) through Google SSO to access their Dialpad Meetings account and will include a link to log in with Google.

I enabled SSO and now some of my Users are locked out, why?

All User's emails must match the Admin's domain. Any users who don't have a G Suite email will be locked out of their account

What if I already have a password?

Users that have already created a password will need to sign in through G Suite